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ok here it is. The files that are needed(or not) just copy and paste into the folders i’ve directed you to.

Edited: i’ve changed the link get your files in 4share instead =)

EDITEDx2:BTW, these files are sent to me by my good friend Rhetoricskies XD so if you see her somewhere rmb to say thanks!

Oks. i couldn’t wait for the server ytd lols had to go to sleep. Then when i return to the forums this morning, one fellow forumer was practically flaming everyone..

Haiish… anyways, i am currently uploading the file needed(or not, i am not too sure which files are needed so i just upload every file that is after OCT08 except those i know is redundant) at filefront, i will post a link here too.

 Anyways, yesterday was fun. Made so many friends ^^.

Green TickFinally ehh XD a green tick!

Success!xD Login Page

IN-Gamethis is taken from Noliai. Nice shot!

then when i finally dced, i decided to go try out the chatroom =D

and there i am! talking/chatting happily hahahas.


will go to HKO once i finish uploading=D

wahahas i am finally able to get to the game thanks to whitensilver for passing us(Singtel users) the precious information XD THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!

i am soo happy that i am able to get in and find Starfire7, Ripplecloud¬†and Noliai. Added my friend, Rhetoricskies too XD hahas all went well till…

i got dced. hahas. now waiting for the servers to get back on. XDXD

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