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yaps im back in hkosea(IGN:RainyG)

met Tidesong:D and she invited me to Starrfire7 guild.

hahahas i sure missed the US FB!! hope everyone is doing well!

Hmm think im going to start on a quest guild soon.. of course there are plenty out there it’s just to kill time :D (if u know what i mean) hahhas :)

My char is now level 11.. and wow im suprised by the difficulty of the quests. they require lots of running around and gathering and stuff hahas that’s what makes a game fun i guess :)

im back to the game! will update soon.

gaww man my workload for this few weeks are @$#@%$#!@.

2 weeks ago, i had intensive sun tanning sessions. Had to attend TPSU subcomm camp and DPAIG scavenger hunt at sentosa.

Lols the scavenger hunt was hilarious since we have to go all over the sentosa asking phone numbers, signatures, photos, bikini prices etc etc from strangers

cimg6021.JPGcimg6083.JPG  SONnME  dpasentosa.jpg  HUDAnME

Had some intense heart pouring session yesterday with 2 of my poly friends. It’s amazing.. all our troubles and worries that caused tears to form were all poured out yesterday..So i shall ask again…. what is my purpose in life? or rather…. What is the purpose of life?

If the  god is so great, there shouldnt be sufferings that cannot be relieved… should there?

Since we are not able to do anything about it, all we can do is to believe that everything will work out one way or another…

that is,

the cruelty of life.

Woo went for a karaoke session in bedok’s cash studio(in Singapore once again). HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSICA TOH XING YI!. although there is huge chance you will not see this lols.

My first time to cash studio and i would say it’s value for money and it is better than other budget karaoke “lounge” lols.

Let’s see…. I paid $8.50 for 7 hours of singing LOL. the timing is from 1pm to 6pm BUT if there isnt any other customers the karaoke room will be of free usage “YAY!” hahas. so i stayed till about 8pm lols. Apart from that, everyone will be entitled to a can of drink. Since it’s new, the interior design is pretty comfy and soothing to the eyes lols. i think each room has a 48″ (if my estimation is good) samsung LCD TV (or was it plasma zzz) and the sound system is well… not too bad (Except for the heavy echo which is disturbing at times)

I will definitely go there again hahas!

OK APART FROM ALL THESE I AM WAITING FOR MY HKOID CLIENT DOWNLOAD TO COMPLETE! lols cant wait to try it out :D :D :D. I’ll see you all there later in the day! :D

Well  well well what do i know? lols. im back to fulfill this sacred duty-NOT- of updating this blog.

So far the days of 2009 has been going faster than the wind.

Started my life in Temasek polytechnic( high school equivalent) and wow….. There is no time to rest. Im now in the midst of having my 2 weeks term break and gord there’s a whole lot of assignment sitting there waiting for me to complete…and for all I know, half a year has gone by…

And thanks to this busy life, i totally missed out my granny’s and my best childhood friend’s death anniversary…

Crap… i know that no excuse is good enough to cover this.. and i really hate myself for it..

I hope that you’ve found my mother someway along the way and all of you are happy wherever you are.

You were loved and always will be.

We will reunite someday…

I miss you all:)

well, i blogged abt the first day, i will have to blog about the last day dont i?

but well, since everything about to end, there’s really nth much to do except chat.

so instead, im posting all the pictures i  took during this period and let the pictures talk itself =)































gorshes.. the img is stretched. sry bout that ><

1st of all, i wish to apologise for the hasty exit ( dint even say bye >.<). I had to go at that moment.


Was really hoping to complete the 30 rare shammocks ><”
Then i met Rhetoricskies =D


Did you guys see this?! they are shooting rays even when they are dead ><”

gathering-basil.jpg misery.jpg

Then again, while i was gathering the basils, i met MISERY xD

After all the questing/sightseeing/getting use to the game, i finally continued my journey to Florapolis =D

Giganto Flower stage XD

Monster are getting tougher and tougher…
and this boar decided to pick on me.. -.-
(psst psst! there’s Starfire7 xD)

then, i continued my quest on the spidies (BAD SPIDIES!)
relaxing.jpg relaxing2.jpg
relaxing/resting after a long fight with the spidies ><”

Then i bumped into Starfire7. We decided to hide from the spiders to rest up ><

I met Tidesong and Ghost in game too =) did not manage to take ss of them though =/ hahas but what is there to be afraid of? there’s plenty of opportunities ahead! xD

That’s all for Official day 1. =)


hahas btw, i did this when i was bored ><

ok here it is. The files that are needed(or not) just copy and paste into the folders i’ve directed you to.

Edited: i’ve changed the link get your files in 4share instead =)

EDITEDx2:BTW, these files are sent to me by my good friend Rhetoricskies XD so if you see her somewhere rmb to say thanks!

Oks. i couldn’t wait for the server ytd lols had to go to sleep. Then when i return to the forums this morning, one fellow forumer was practically flaming everyone..

Haiish… anyways, i am currently uploading the file needed(or not, i am not too sure which files are needed so i just upload every file that is after OCT08 except those i know is redundant) at filefront, i will post a link here too.

 Anyways, yesterday was fun. Made so many friends ^^.

Green TickFinally ehh XD a green tick!

Success!xD Login Page

IN-Gamethis is taken from Noliai. Nice shot!

then when i finally dced, i decided to go try out the chatroom =D

and there i am! talking/chatting happily hahahas.


will go to HKO once i finish uploading=D

wahahas i am finally able to get to the game thanks to whitensilver for passing us(Singtel users) the precious information XD THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!

i am soo happy that i am able to get in and find Starfire7, Ripplecloud and Noliai. Added my friend, Rhetoricskies too XD hahas all went well till…

i got dced. hahas. now waiting for the servers to get back on. XDXD

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