sick, snow, snoopy

Posted on Nov, 18, 2008

my poor Jai has the Photobucket croup. Photobucket theres nothing we can do about it except have her breathe steam, drink warm apple juice for her throat, and sleep semi-upright. its a good thing we took her to the doctor, as croup can become dangerous in babies, especially since her father has asthma. unfortunately, it is contagious, and i feel myself having abit of trouble breathing.. its hard not to catch your child’s illness when they only want to cuddle, whine and sleep next to you. So, we have been watching cartoons all day ^_^.
She has been drinking her warm apple juice and lots of water, and my new addiction is DARK chocolate hot cocoa.. mmMMMmm.. Photobucket 
It is already snowing here, so cold weather= hot drinks <3 hehe
Im not a big fan of snow, really, except when I get to stay home on christmas and enjoy it. ~ THATS when I love it. Not when I have to drive in it. My town has too many hills to be driving in the snow >_<…

I lost a knitting needle…*cries* them things are EXPENSIVE! lol i was makign a cute bookmark, and terry got into my purse digging for money, and he lost it somewhere.. GrRrRr..
So i guess the projects come to a halt.
WHAT do i have to do now?!? LOL
No HKO, No Knitting, Sick daughter… ?
I downloaded christmas movies.  hahaha~ I LOVEEE a charlie brown christmas!! I will download mickey mouse and a couple others too.

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