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Sorry guys..

by rainydays:mymelody.com

I am truly sorry if anyone wants to comment or send links, etc.
I have been ineundated with spam.
So, I have taken precautionary measures to ensure  it stops. If you want to contact me, please email me. It’ obvious what my email is, if you know sanriotown…
Again, I am so sorry.
Refer to the previous post for passion level toward spam.
In other news, my daughters are getting big and beautiful =) I will post pics soon!
AIyahhh I need a job! I have to start paying my college loans in November…
$115/month, for 119 payments.. =(
Its hard being a grown up.

Luckily, I have hello kitty to keep me young =)
I’m so happy, my daughters LOVE hello kitty, too.
I am no longer an immature adult, now I’m a generous parent LOL

Loves N Hugs til next post, and see you all on HKO! (hopefully..)


by rainydays:mymelody.com







new update!

by rainydays:mymelody.com

Announcing a new (well, three month old..) Miss Thalia!

photo update

by rainydays:mymelody.com

heres new photos ~ enjoyyyyyy!
Jai eating cheerios <3
daddy sleeping
Jai sleeping sitting up lol
preggo me and jai jai
thalia’s clothes are already taking over the room and she isnt even born yet! lol

by rainydays:mymelody.com

FIRST! Who is super stoked about the christmas reunion party on HKO?!? ME!
SECOND! pictures update hehe <3
PhotobucketPhotobucketwithout HKO, I have been forced to crochet. lol I made this hat and a zombie lookign amigurumi dog. lol

and here is mis jai wearing the hat, and drawing a pic for her mommy <3

jai xmas

by rainydays:mymelody.com

Collage - $30.00
Wallets - $8.99
Printing fee- $9.00
Having your baby’s first official photo shoot- priceless. lol

Professional photographers should get much more kudos than they do. This looks like it was a nice shoot, but it was after she got her flu shot at the doctors, needed a diaper change, and crawled around for 20 minutes in between prop changes. She also needed a nap cuz she was cranky and sleepy. But they turned out so cute!! I love them sooooo much I can’t wait to scan them and reprint them for much cheaper at CVS. lol I would say it was well worth the effort.

MMORPG addiction

by rainydays:mymelody.com

This is a very serious topic that needs to be addressed. At first, I thought it was ridiculous. People are seriously dying from excessive game-play? But then I realized that when I was in the hospital, I also thought that the video on shaken baby syndrome was ridiculous. Once I was at home, alone, and emotional, it became clear to me that had I not recieved the information on how to prevent an escalating situation, I might have fallen prey to shaking my baby as well. Now I feel it is my duty to inform everyone about this topic.
Please, listen  closely.
As we all know, sometimes you can spend more time online than you originally expected. Sometimes you get sidetracked because you feel you need to finish something, or found something very interesting. But we all need to take breaks periodically.
Here are some tips I thought might help:
-1-if you will be gaming, bring food and drink to the computer with you BEFORE you log in. It will be there when you need it, if you get too absorbed in whatever you are doing.
-2-have a USBmemory stick on your keychain. this eliminates the “I’m on a public computer, so I can’t save it” excuse, and helps you get away from the computer sooner.
-3-make yourself accountable to someone else. If you have a cellphone or house phone, bring it with you and keep the volume on high. Ask someone, even if it is just your mom, to make you take a break from the computer. Set a time, maybe 1 or 2 hours later, that they will either call you or come over and begin to disstract you. Maybe even make an appointment, like going out to lunch with a friend or going to get your hair cut, and make sure that you keep it. This should help you force yourself to take a break. I DONT CARE if you just need to finish this one thing, etc etc. JUST take a breather. Get to a stopping point, and stop.
-4- get up and stretch. Even if you are playing a game, stand up for a second as you play. You will see that your back has begun to get stiff, your neck hurts a little, etc. This will help you realize that you need to take a break.

If you are a parent, please remember to treat computer time as a luxury. It is not fair to your children that you are immersed in the internet while they still depend on you for basic tasks. If you go somewhere, like an internet cafe, treat it as if it were an evening out on the town and get a babysitter. Better yet, take your child with you! Nothing will make you get offline quicker than a bored child.

If you are a student, please don’t neglect your studies. Do your school work before logging in, so that you can be sure it is completed.

If you are otherwise employed, please do not mix your work life and computer life. Your work, which funds your ability to be on the computer, should not slip in quality because of your habits. Do not let your gaming habits dictate your life, and do not neglect paying bills or other necessities in place of feeding your habits.

 If you are addicted, or feel you may become addicted, please seek professional help. Like any addiction, there can be severe consequences. Just as gambling, alcohol, or drugs can become addictions, there is increasing proof that people can become addicted to games and being online.

If you would like information, here are a few sources.

Please, everyone, remember to play in moderation.

sick, snow, snoopy

by rainydays:mymelody.com

my poor Jai has the Photobucket croup. Photobucket theres nothing we can do about it except have her breathe steam, drink warm apple juice for her throat, and sleep semi-upright. its a good thing we took her to the doctor, as croup can become dangerous in babies, especially since her father has asthma. unfortunately, it is contagious, and i feel myself having abit of trouble breathing.. its hard not to catch your child’s illness when they only want to cuddle, whine and sleep next to you. So, we have been watching cartoons all day ^_^.
She has been drinking her warm apple juice and lots of water, and my new addiction is DARK chocolate hot cocoa.. mmMMMmm.. Photobucket 
It is already snowing here, so cold weather= hot drinks <3 hehe
Im not a big fan of snow, really, except when I get to stay home on christmas and enjoy it. ~ THATS when I love it. Not when I have to drive in it. My town has too many hills to be driving in the snow >_<…

I lost a knitting needle…*cries* them things are EXPENSIVE! lol i was makign a cute bookmark, and terry got into my purse digging for money, and he lost it somewhere.. GrRrRr..
So i guess the projects come to a halt.
WHAT do i have to do now?!? LOL
No HKO, No Knitting, Sick daughter… ?
I downloaded christmas movies.  hahaha~ I LOVEEE a charlie brown christmas!! I will download mickey mouse and a couple others too.

alexis birthday

by rainydays:mymelody.com

was horrible..
first, terry was in a bad mood all day because he would have to see all of his ex girlfriend/baby mama’s family there.
second, he was giving ME attitude about it!
third, everyone kept glaring at us.. as if I’M the reaosn they broke up??? NO… they broke up long before i came into the picture.. and then staring terry down.. cmon ppl he tries to be a good dad its not his fault samantha wont let him see his daughter much! and he pays ALOT of money to child support. trust me, we will gladly not pay it if you guys want to be rude…
fourth, samantha offended us. when alexis opened up her present, a skateboard and helmet and knee pads, she said “oh well you pay the hospital bills anyway. you deal with it.” !!!!!!!
fifth, terrys bad attitude made Jai upset and crying…
sixth, terrys bad attitude made us leave.. only 10 minutes after we got there! we took his mom with us, too, so you can tell she was a little upset we left so soon..

It makes me so mad, they only people who got along were me and samantha! hello people! if the new babymama and old babymama can get along, what is YOUR problem!? Her new babydaddy was there, too! and HE was giving terry mean looks.. cmon people! How is it that two pregnant women are the least emotional there? How is it that two pregnant women are more of a man than everyone there?

its how life is. women HAVE to deal with things. men always have the option of leaving, and leaving it to a woman to clean up the mess. so men dont know how to deal with confrontations and putting their pride behind them. they can only run away or fight. women are the peace makers, because we HAVE to. When a woman has a kid, SHE is the one who must always be mommy. When a woman has a stepdaughter, SHE is the one who must put her jealousy or pride aside and be nice to her new daughters mother. When the stepmother shows up, the MOM has to be nice and thankful that you care about her child as much as she does. We were adult about everything, and people older than us were worse than the children there.

its sad that we couldnt enjoy our alexis’ birthday party because terry cant deal like a man, and samantha’s family cant act like adults.

sometimes i wish i was a single mother again >_<

purikura fun 2!

by rainydays:mymelody.com

 My god son Chris!! how cute, hunh?!?
My step daughter Alexis~ its her fourth birthday today!! <3 A naturally blonde, blue eyed asian girl.. so exotic hunh!?

 Annnndddd… my hubby ^_^ Mr. Terry ~ He was trying to do sudoku.. haha

I’ll post again after Alexis’ bday party!! <3

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