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Hi everyone who is currently reading (If anyone).
My name is Rachel Watson and here are some facts about me (I got this idea from Mckenna, it saves me going on forever. So thank you Mckenna.)

1. I am socially awkward. For example, it took me one or two years to be able to talk to my guidance teacher. Also, yesterday I passed a stapler and said ‘thank you’ and then straight afterwards tried to explain myself.

2. My dream is to work in the film industry. I have notebooks full of ideas that I’d like to do something with, however, if I’m not able to I’ll still be happy to work in film. :)

3. I am Hunger Games obsessed. I remember the feels I got from the first book. Which is my favourite book in the series, and ever. Nothing has topped it yet.

4. I like writing. I like writing stories, poems, songs that will probably never have any music to them, and journaling.

5. My music taste varies. I like country and pop but I also like some rock. Artists/bands I like are Taylor Swift, One Direction, Mod Sun, 5SOS, George Ezra, Passenger, and Ed Sheeran. There’s probably more. Sometimes I just like songs but just don’t obsess over the artist.

6. I watch too much YouTube.

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