this is going to be a short post because i’m going to go on youtube to practice the words to naturally by selena gomez because we are doing radio stations at school  and i’m pretending to be a girl from amercia singing naturally.also i found out my job this week i’m a journalist.

yesterday i managed to stay up skipping for four minutes.also i was writing a letter to jacqueline wilson.also i was busy at the park with my best friend ashleigh also we have to fill in job application forms on what jobs we would like to do.i put down on my application form that i would want to be

  1. a journalist

  2. a buddy

  3. an editor

i also said in the application form about this blog.i hope i get a job (those are real jobs)

this will be a short post as nothing has really happened teacher said that we can decide what we want to learn about in history.i want to learn about the egyptains people want to learn about the romans and the vikings but i already learned about them the reason some people haven’t learned about them because some people were in a different class than me.i have the speicalest dentist tommorrow its to see if i need braces or to see if i need to back teeth out.

i have been writing on this blog for 2 and a half months now i would have started last year in august if i knew how to do it.anyway today i’m going to have so much fun i’m going to my drama club and then tommorrow i’m going to a party.its a makeup party i can’t wait.this is going to be a short post i’ll post more pictures of hellokitty on this blog soon.

i think i have made my  descison on the theme my descison is to keep this theme.what do you think?

i do not own anything

its the holidays tommorrow and i can’t wait but bad news i have homework for friday spelling and maths boring (spelling is alright its just maths) gym was okay today i managed to push myself to skip for 3 and a half minutes and it took a long time.anyway i’m going off to play with my little sister and then i’m going out on my rollar-skates.

today is the start of may there are two reasons that may is a good thing and bad thing

  1. the bad thing is that the wasps are back
  2. the good thing is that it is closer to the summer holidays

this is going to be a short post so to my auntie shirley i will visit you in the summer holidays.i can’t wait to see you again.

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