Queen Neferkitty’s So-Called Life
…all NINE of them.

For the love of Jelly Shoes!!!

Good evening my loyal subjects!!! ^_^ Queen Neferkitty here back from a weekend getaway at my auntie’s house :)

I didn’t get the chance to check my mail or do anything in the virtual realm. So the moment I got my hands on a broadband equipped laptop I checked everything there is to check and look at what was waiting for me!!

It was an update from my new obsession Melissa shoes!!! ^___^ *joy!*

I have always deemed myself a shoe person. My fondest memory of being shoe-crazy was way back when I was 4 years old and I kept asking both my mom and my yaya (yaya=nanny in a much more personal sense) to get me some green shoes with heels for my birthday ^_^ Hehehe! Even then I knew how much of a footwear freak I’d be ^_^

Anyhoo, the first time I had heard of Melissa shoes was way back Summer of 2007 and I didn’t exactly jump for joy at the thought of these expensive jelly shoes and they didn’t exactly have anything that I found interesting enough for me to give it a second thought.

Fast forward to January of 2008.

Melissa came out with their Bedtime Stories Collection.

Looking through their stuff, I found the Scarfun Summer in their new fun vivid colors very cute so I decided to go and try them on when I got the chance. A few days after that I found myself wandering around Shangri-La Mall with my sister and I went to Rustan’s to scout them out.

Tried them on and FELL IN LOVE!!! *hearts on eyes*

They were SOOOO COMFORTABLE!!! I could not believe how good my feet felt when I slipped those shoes on… It was like stepping on a cushioned floor, I mean for something that’s 3inches high it was darn comfortable!!!

Hence the obsession began. I researched on the shoes and its origin and found that these jelly shoes weren’t just comfy, they weren’t just fruity smelling it was also made of jelly shoes from long ago!!! They recylcle old jelly shoes to turn them into new ones!!! How neat is THAT??