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Midnight Munchies

Good morning loyal subjects!!!

I’ve been feeling quite lazy lately. With all the free time on my hands I tend to revert back to my vampire-like living condition which is sleeping at 4-6 in the morning waking up late and falling back to sleep for a couple more hours only to wake up again at 10 in the evening.

Well, today was no exception. I got up at 9:30pm feeling very hungry because I had slept through dinner. AGAIN. I wasn’t worried because I distinctly remember Papa bringing home some treats that day.

Alas, when I got up to look for them they were no longer there. >.<

Feeling cranky and hungry, I trekked over to the other house to seek solace with my sister who I KNEW would be hungry as well (we work in tandem you see :) We wanted to order McDonald’s. Only one problem. We couldn’t afford to wake everyone else up in the house.

When I say we couldn’t afford to wake them up, I LITERALLY mean we couldn’t AFFORD it. You see, we have this thing. Food to us is best SHARED with everybody. We feel really bad if we couldn’t offer anything to other people especially if we’re the ones who just bought some snackage. And with our current budget constriction we really cannot buy enough for everybody.

So I thought about ordering and not ordering for some time. Pondered on the possible consequences like, what if someone wakes up? , what if the dog starts parking madly and the kids start waking up from their blissful slumber what if everybody saw us eating and we couldn’t offer anything to them???

It gave me a headache.

I was online at that time so I decided to Google McDonald’s Philippines to look at the menu (as if I didn’t already know it by heart). And like a sign from the heavens there it was, 8mcdo.com. Being the ever curious cat, I clicked on the link and found myself face to face with the order sheet.

Wow. The joys of online ordering. I even even specified that I wanted our Quarter Pounders plain!!! (no ketchup, onions or pickles) After a few clicks and a distinct remind