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Beauty ala Pinoy

May 12th, 2008 by queen_neferkitty:hellokitty.com

Good evening loyal subjects!!!

I stand before you tonight to confess. Yes. It’s time I came out with this.


The beautifully crafted packages, the sweet smell of new gloss/lip balm, the perfectly embossed logo on a new pressed powder, the thrill of finding a golden item that is worth much much more than it costs then gushing about said item with good friends, I LOVE IT ALL.

Call me crazy or shallow but what can I do? I really do like them! You can ask anyone I know, I’ll can spend basically a whole day roaming around a place where beauty products are sold. They can be make-up, cleansers, lotions, nail polish, hair care stuff, name it! I’ll probably be interested in it!

So with all that being said, I would really like it if I could share with you dear reader my latest beauty finds. I basically consider you good friends now anyways! :) And please please don’t ever hesitate to share your latest and greatest beauty finds with me as well!! I’m a very curious cat and would love for new things to play with ^_^

For my very first beauty blog entry I decided to pay homage to some of the great beauty products that have been keeping me muy muy contented lately. Take note friends, they are great LOCAL products! Yes! They’re proudly Pinoy made!

The first product I want to share is from VMV Hypoallergenics, a cosmetic company that I once snubbed because I thought they were just another expensive imported brand. Boy was I wrong. Not only are they locally made, but they are also internationally recognized!!! The “hypoallergenics” ain’t there for no reason. All their products and each ingredient used in them have to pass a rigorous allergen check before they hit the shelves, and it is because of this careful screening that they are making waves in places like New York and Hong Kong.

I was lucky enough to catch their sale at Rockwell Mall a few months back and I got myself a tube of “The Big O! Glow” lip and cheek tint in Honey Bunny, and let me tell you, it’s the perfect companion for those of us who don’t particularly like bringing lots of stuff around. The hue is perfect for the “barely there” look that summer seems to invoke. Just a dab it on your lips, dot on your cheeks, a few pats of powder and you’re all set!

VMV is also famous for it’s Armada line, and as the name suggests, it offers a whole fleet of products that will protect you from the sun’s harmful UV rays. I haven’t had the chance to try these, but from what I’ve heard they are supposedly the BEST. You can check out some more of their products at the official VMV Hypoallergenics website.

If you haven’t caught on the newest trend of Multiply shopping (or any online shopping for that matter) then might I suggest you browse through Vanilla&Co.’s line of skin care products for your first shot at it.

Vanilla&Co. offers a vast array of freshly made beauty products that do not only smell sooo good but also do wonders for your skin! After reading about this in a popular magazine, I decided to give their famous Whipped Buttercream a try and let me tell you my skin feels like silk everytime I apply it. It’s made with fresh shea butter and cocoa butter and is not at all greasy as some of the commercially produced body butters are. Oh, did i mention it smells like a DREAM?? :) I got the Sugared Coconut Milk scent and I still cannot get over how good it smells! It just takes me back to lazy days at the beach.

All their products are handmade by the sellers themselves if I’m not mistaken, which just makes this product all the more amazing for me. ^_^

For a complete list of scents and other great products from Vanilla & Co. do visit their website at http://vanillacompany.multiply.com (I think they’re still on a special sale right now so I’d click quickly if I were you :) )

Whew!! That was a maw full wasn’t it?? ^_^

Anyhoo! I have so much more to share with you guys but I think it’s time you shared your thoughts with me!! Let me know of all your golden local beauty finds!

I’ll be waiting with abated breath until you do!^_^


-Queen Neferkitty

Transformation Sequence: INITIATED

May 11th, 2008 by queen_neferkitty:hellokitty.com

Good morning loyal subjects!!!

I have no excuse for my very long hiatus :) I’ve just been very lazy and have been going out a LOT heeheehee :) But all that doesn’t really matter now does it? I’m back, energized, giddy, chock full of stories to share. ^_^

Anyhoo, enough explaining!

After 2 hours of painstaking arts-ing and crafts-ing I finally made it!!! I finally have my very own set of KITTY EAR CLIPS!!!

Hrmm… Why do I feel puzzled eyes staring at me???

Ever seen Ripley’s Believe It Or Not where people invest all their time effort and often times MOOLAH into transforming themselves into the animal of their choice? Well, I’ve heard of a cuter, less creepy painful way of showing the world how much you want to be like your favorite pet.

See, I’ve known of this one particular craze in Japan from way back where girls would dress up like cats complete with a tail that’s clipped on their belthooks, chokers with bell pendants, and yes, earclips that resemble kitty ears. I just thought it was the cutest thing!

Well boohoo for me. I got in on it so late that these items are no longer as readily available as they once were. Even when I got to go on a trip to Hong Kong last December I still tried to look for them, but to no avail.

Recently though, something came over me and I got around to looking for cat ears online, instead of finding out where to buy them, I chanced upon this website:

Cut Out + Keep website

Cool eh??? :)

I decided then that this would be the perfect time to start a little project. After scavenging through my sister’s old hobby stuff, I found some materials that I could use. After struggling with the needle and thread for 2 hours, sister dear offered a better, less time consuming alternative. Glue gun.

Yes, glue gun you are now my new best friend. ^_^ Anyhoo, after just 20 minutes with the new information, this is what I came up with this:

Kitty ear project

Kinnda neat eh?? I made some minor modifications to the original “recipe” and although it came out a teensy bit smaller, i happen to think it doesn’t look half bad :)

Now for some cat paws and a nice fluffy tail…


For the love of Jelly Shoes!!!

March 11th, 2008 by queen_neferkitty:hellokitty.com

Good evening my loyal subjects!!! ^_^ Queen Neferkitty here back from a weekend getaway at my auntie’s house :)

I didn’t get the chance to check my mail or do anything in the virtual realm. So the moment I got my hands on a broadband equipped laptop I checked everything there is to check and look at what was waiting for me!!

It was an update from my new obsession Melissa shoes!!! ^___^ *joy!*

I have always deemed myself a shoe person. My fondest memory of being shoe-crazy was way back when I was 4 years old and I kept asking both my mom and my yaya (yaya=nanny in a much more personal sense) to get me some green shoes with heels for my birthday ^_^ Hehehe! Even then I knew how much of a footwear freak I’d be ^_^

Anyhoo, the first time I had heard of Melissa shoes was way back Summer of 2007 and I didn’t exactly jump for joy at the thought of these expensive jelly shoes and they didn’t exactly have anything that I found interesting enough for me to give it a second thought.

Fast forward to January of 2008.

Melissa came out with their Bedtime Stories Collection.

Looking through their stuff, I found the Scarfun Summer in their new fun vivid colors very cute so I decided to go and try them on when I got the chance. A few days after that I found myself wandering around Shangri-La Mall with my sister and I went to Rustan’s to scout them out.

Tried them on and FELL IN LOVE!!! *hearts on eyes*

They were SOOOO COMFORTABLE!!! I could not believe how good my feet felt when I slipped those shoes on… It was like stepping on a cushioned floor, I mean for something that’s 3inches high it was darn comfortable!!!

Hence the obsession began. I researched on the shoes and its origin and found that these jelly shoes weren’t just comfy, they weren’t just fruity smelling it was also made of jelly shoes from long ago!!! They recylcle old jelly shoes to turn them into new ones!!! How neat is THAT??? Fashion, fun AND you get to do the world a big favor! ^_^

Melissa High Summer features new colors fit for this Spring/Summer of their best selling shoes from the previous collection. The “Desire” line got revamped with new shades such as metallic gold and pale mango-yellow while “Affair” just went “public” (”public affair” get it? hihihihihi!) with see-through colors like red, yellow and purple. Plus other new colors in the old styles that you know and love ^_^

DESIRE + Triton:




NEON + Doc Dog:

My personal faves are the yellow Desire, silver Sweet Lips and the red Neon ^_^ Which one is yours???

Oh! BTW, the pics I posted are just three of the colors that I love from each of the collections you can view all of the available shoes and colors at the official website Melissa Philippines or if you love online shopping you can go straight to their online store Shop Melissa

So if you’re looking to give yourself some “happy feet” for this summer, Melissa shoes are the best way to pamper your paws while adding spunk and fun to your outfit! ^_^


-Queen Neferkitty

*All photos posted here were taken from the Official Melissa Philippines Website :)

Midnight Munchies

March 5th, 2008 by queen_neferkitty:hellokitty.com

Good morning loyal subjects!!!

I’ve been feeling quite lazy lately. With all the free time on my hands I tend to revert back to my vampire-like living condition which is sleeping at 4-6 in the morning waking up late and falling back to sleep for a couple more hours only to wake up again at 10 in the evening.

Well, today was no exception. I got up at 9:30pm feeling very hungry because I had slept through dinner. AGAIN. I wasn’t worried because I distinctly remember Papa bringing home some treats that day.

Alas, when I got up to look for them they were no longer there. >.<

Feeling cranky and hungry, I trekked over to the other house to seek solace with my sister who I KNEW would be hungry as well (we work in tandem you see :) We wanted to order McDonald’s. Only one problem. We couldn’t afford to wake everyone else up in the house.

When I say we couldn’t afford to wake them up, I LITERALLY mean we couldn’t AFFORD it. You see, we have this thing. Food to us is best SHARED with everybody. We feel really bad if we couldn’t offer anything to other people especially if we’re the ones who just bought some snackage. And with our current budget constriction we really cannot buy enough for everybody.

So I thought about ordering and not ordering for some time. Pondered on the possible consequences like, what if someone wakes up? , what if the dog starts parking madly and the kids start waking up from their blissful slumber what if everybody saw us eating and we couldn’t offer anything to them???

It gave me a headache.

I was online at that time so I decided to Google McDonald’s Philippines to look at the menu (as if I didn’t already know it by heart). And like a sign from the heavens there it was, 8mcdo.com. Being the ever curious cat, I clicked on the link and found myself face to face with the order sheet.

Wow. The joys of online ordering. I even even specified that I wanted our Quarter Pounders plain!!! (no ketchup, onions or pickles) After a few clicks and a distinct reminder to NOT ring the doorbell, a McDonald’s representative called to confirm our order. She just made sure that our orders were set and reminded us of the total bill.

15 minutes after THAT, the delivery guy knocked on our door with crispy fries and the correct burgers in tow!!!

Midnight snackies!

Isn’t that COOL??? I mean, I guess calling would have been simpler but I really could not trust my orders to them sometimes. They forget to put in some key details and we all know that it’s the details that mean so much to us consumers.

Needless to say I am ECSTATIC about this new McDonald’s service and this will only be the first of many times that I’m going to order through the website.

Thank you McDonald’s people for making it so easy for hungry royal cats like me to feast on your delicious burgers at ungodly hours!!!


-Queen Neferkitty

Ni Hao!!! ^_~V

March 3rd, 2008 by queen_neferkitty:hellokitty.com

Well hello there dear reader! It seems you have stumbled upon my humble virtual abode AND stepped on my newly fluffed tail…*mutter mutter* No matter! All is forgiven. Let’s try this again shall we?

Hello there!!! Thanks for dropping by and taking a gander at my newest blogsite. I have once vowed never again to blog because I remember being into it so much once that I literally could NOT go through a life event without stopping for a moment to think of a good title for it. Seriously. Once I get addicted… it ain’t pretty.

“So what are you doing blogging right now if you’re trying SOO hard no to get into it again hrmm??”

Well Mr. Smarty Pants… it’s basically because of the persistent pestering of a CERTAIN giggly 20-something that I was coerced DECIDED to start up again ^_^

Now that that’s out of the way, let me introduce myself. My name is Stephanie, or Tippi for short, and I am a newly graduated, freshly registered nurse… with waaaay too much time on her hands. I’m still at that post-graduation/board exam stupor lazy phase in which all I want to do is catch up with friends, stalk the malls, play video games till 4 in the morning… you know, that sort of thing. ^_^

Likes: Wow…I have lots of those! First of all I LOVE HELLO KITTY! I say she is the voice of this Kawaii Generation! When all is unwell and the world begins turning into a terrible place, I can always look at her sweet, happy and fluffy face and tell myself “yup, there WILL be better days” ^_^ Hahahaha!!! I seriously think that guys! I kid you not! There is just something about that feline that turns me (and my wallet) to mush… One of my life goals is to turn one room in my future house to a HK sanctuary for myself and any girl offspring that I may have ^_^ I could go on and on about Hello Kitty but let’s save that for other entries ^_^

I also love food!!! Eating is one of the best essential bodily functions that God bestowed on mankind. Trying out new dishes is my version of an adventure!!! I can’t actually claim to have a discerning palate because to me if it doesn’t have too much veggies on it (especially if it is ampalaya [bittergourd]) or if the ingredients aren’t THAT odd (i.e. insects, stange animal meat, rubber slippers… you get the picture) then I’m al; up for trying it out!!! ^_^ Desserts are the best part of ANY meal. I can eat sweets like it’s nobody’s business! So I’m calling out to would be bakers and/or artisans out there!!! I’LL TASTE YOUR COOKIES/CAKES/CHOCOLATES/PASTRIES/MUFFINS/PUDDINGS and what have yous!!! Call me! ^.~ hahahahaha!!

Hrmm… I’m also a video game geekette. My boyfriend introduced me to gaming by giving me a candy pink Nintendo DS (the first version) and lending me a Pokemon game. Ever since that day we’ve been inseparable… my DS and I, I mean… hahahahahaha!!!! Yeah my boyfriend and I too… ^.^

Whoa! I’m kinnda rambling on and on again aren’t I??? Anyhoo, I would love to share more of my life and the things I love with you through this blog and hopefully vice versa! ^_^ Add me up! Drop a comment (it can be about ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING in the universe!!!)

So this is me, my laptop’s about to run out of juice and I still want to blog about some things…*shoot* Anyhoo let’s save all that up for another time ^_^ Thanks for stopping by!!!


-Queen Neferkitty

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