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Fifth Chapter

The next day it was Sat. I prepared for the sleepover since I wasn’t going to come home until tomorrow afternoon; I kissed my dad goodbye and walked to Natal’s house which wasn’t very far. Tarran crept up on me and surprised me, making me jump and fall down. “Whoa sorry I didn’t think that would make you jump, are you going to a sleepover? He asked. “It’s alright, yeah going over to Natal’s house I won’t come back until tomorrow afternoon.” I answered. “Oh I also have a sleepover today too, hehe so I’ll see you later.” He said and waved at me. I waved back and headed over to Natal’s house, I was the first to come and after 2 hours, the rest came. We went shopping, a theme park, and park and came back at 8:30 PM. We ate dinner, watched a movie and started the game of Truth or Dare. The dares and truth questions were funny and fun, but also scary; my dare was probably now my fear. My dare was to take a rose bouquet and take it over to Tarran’s house with a note saying for Tarran and compliments about him. It was so embarrassing, so I did the bouquet part, and the girls followed me with a video camera, I left it at Tarran’s door and rang the doorbell and hid in the bushes. Shane, a smart guy who had a crush on Ruby opened the door and picked up the bouquet and closed the door. There was a window opened so we spied on them, we saw who was there, Shane, Dean, Tarran, Jack, Luke, Justin, Ash, Zane, and Hart. Dean, a cool guy used to be friends with Jake had a crush on Emera, Jack, nice smart guy, had a crush on Sapphira, Luke, weird and kind guy who had a crush on Turquoisa. Justin, cute, smart and rich guy who had a crush on Topaz, Ash cool, sweet guy who liked Natal, Zane, smart, cool, kind, fast runner and rich guy who liked Amest a lot. Hart, nice, cute, smart, fast swimmer, strong guy who liked Pedriota. “Hey guys! Check this out, it’s from Lucid, weird of her to bring a rose bouquet, but then again she’s always weird.” Shane said and laughed, the rest laughed too. I punched my fists hoping that sometime I would get to slug him soon with my fists. “Let’s see who she gave it to…. It’s for Tarran here you go bud.” Shane said. “Thanks, she never gave me this before.” He told. “Cool, that means she is digging you, she never liked anyone since her mother’s death I think, I mean she had friends, flirted with people, but only to make them do stuff for her.” Luke said. “Flirted? Never liked anyone? How do you know? He asked. “I’m one of her childhood friends, known her for 14 years; our mothers met each other at the same hospital and became close friends.” He replied. “I see, anyone else whose childhood friends with her?” He asked. Justin, Hart and Zane said they knew her and said a lot of people actually knew her pretty well. It was true, but those 4 boys knew me better than anyone else. “Well, I don’t think she’s digging me that much.” He said and turned red. “Then why is your face red dude, Hahaha.” Zane asked and laughed. They all laughed and continued their Truth or Dare game too. We then silently crept away from the house and ran back to our house. We left a bug that could listen to their truth or dare questions, stuff and watch them. Jack dared Tarran to call me and ask to meet him outside of his house and then grab me and kiss me. Tarran’s face turned red and said alright, stood up and called my cell, we laughed and my cell ringed, I was reaching for it, but Topaz picked and said hello in a sweet way, she put on speaker and told us to shush. “Umm… Hello, is this Topaz? Ouch stop trying to grab the phone Justin!!!” Tarran yelled. We had to bite our lips to stop from laughing out loud. “Err, what’s up Tarran?” Topaz asked. “Can you tell Lucid to meet me outside my house in 8 minutes; I know Natal’s house is close to Lucid’s and my house so will you tell her? He asked. “Sure, bye Tarran!” Topaz replied. She hung up the cell and they dressed me up in a pink flowing flower samurai dress with white strapped sandals and my hair is in a bun. I went outside and walked and saw Tarran waiting for me, I saw the guys looking and recording, and they saw me staring at them and disappeared. “Hey you wanted to talk to me?” I asked him, faking like I didn’t know what he was going to do. I was starting to get impatient and started to walk away, he then grabbed me and leaned in to kiss me, our lips touched again, he held me tightly, after 3 minutes we pushed back. “Umm, wow hehe.” I said. “Umm, yeah well I’ll see you later.” He said. I waved to him and walked back to Natal’s house, my face was all red and I giggled. The rest of the sleepover was great; we stayed up until 3 AM and went to sleep. The next morning, we took turns for the bathroom, had breakfast and dressed up to go to the Greek museum. After 2 hours in the museum, we all went home.

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