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Third Chapter
Kissing Booth!
Anyway it was Tuesday and Pearl IM me saying I forgot about my lunch with Tarran and I was surprised because I promised him I would come. I was getting ready for school while listening “Sad But True sang by Goot” on my sky blue radio. I always listen to music in the morning when I’m getting ready. I wore casual clothes and blue converses. I put my IPod and cell phone in my purple bag and started biking to school. My best friends and I always walk or bike to school so we don’t pollute the Earth. We tell everyone to bike or walk to school and of course they listen because they like us. We are all popular girls and so I met Ruby and Amethyst at the gate. They ran to me shrieking, saying congratulation. My dad was becoming the 22nd president because Robert the 22nd president was about to die and wants my dad to take his place as the president. My family and I celebrated for my dad the whole night yesterday. It was so great to be a future president’s daughter which meant I would be flooded with the reporters and all. I went inside the school and the rest of the Gemstone Girls came and were talking to me about the president thing. I spotted Tarran; he smiled at me which I was grateful. But what I was not grateful about was when the students came in and were surrounding me about the president thing. I was kind of annoyed and managed to squeeze out, so I can get to class. The rest of day was kind of annoying because people wanted to sit and talk with me because I’m about to become the 22nd president’s daughter and all. But I’m like whatever and when I was about to go, I saw that the reporters and paparazzi there. So I called for a limo and ran super fast to my limo and the reporters and paparazzi were following me. But the rest of the day was fine. So the next day I had to go to this carnival and do the kissing booth. I dressed in a blue crisscross sparkly dress with silver heels, white and light blue earrings and necklace with a silver headband. I saw Tarran with his friends and he waved, my friends saw me and came to me saying I looked cute and stuff. My whole family was here and so were the paparazzi and reporters, luckily we had guards with us. I thought maybe Tarran is going to be at the kissing booth which was scary so I thought about something else. After two hours of kissing for my sister, Rini it was finally my turn. After 15 guys, it was Jake’s turn which I froze. It was $1 for each second and he paid for ten dollars which I took five and stuffed it back into his wallet. Then I kissed him for 5 seconds and that was it. After 2 guys it was Tarran’s turn and I couldn’t believe I was going to be kissing him. The girls were camera recording and he paid for $10, so I had to kiss him for ten seconds. My heart pounded and then I leaned in for him. I kissed him, it was so great, my mind was dancing happily and his lips were so soft. I counted slowly, so I could still kiss him, but then time was up and so I leaned back. I told him the next person was the last and so I would have four hours of break, then I would be able to ride the rides here. After four hours of fun, I had to go back to the kissing booth and so after two hours, I went home. My friends kept on texting me about the kiss which I was getting annoyed of. But I was really happy and so when I went to sleep, I dreamed about Tarran and me kissing.

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