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*It’s the Founders Christmas Reunion !!~

Wooo ! FOUNDERS REUNION! : ) is .. over now . ;-; so sad. x3 but it was rather fun * A* ; ~ New York was pretty cool looking xD It was really confusing to get through though D: With all the buildings .. and everything ~ The Christmas maps were cute too ~ I took a screenie of almost every christmas thing I saw D: ! Good for youuu ~ I dont post them all XD .. I don’t have the will to edit them all anyways x3 Lala ~ Here we go !

:l it took a good half an hour for HKO to actually allow people on the servers xD but once we got on we were greeted with a welcome message ~ X3 Aww so sweet the GMs. 8D ;

anddd yeah , I practically travelled around all of HKO before realizing the portal to New York was in Sanrio Harbor. >__>; I swear , I went to London like 2 times and back looking for where to start. X3 ; -whacks head-
;l well I finally found it. after much time spent wandering around aimlessly XD; so much for a head start ~ hehee.

yeaaah , so i was in New York finally ~ :’D Trying to figure out stufff, and talking with some guildies. x3 and then I go visit my farm : ( AND BAM ~ D8 eww what are those : ( fliiiies. I thought they were only there because we havent played for so long D: but even if you dig up all your crops and re-plant they come back. -tear- ugly flies !
Here is Frosting working away collecting snow ! x3 My farm is soo messy XD; but looky ! Army of snowmen ! waahoooo. Ughh, this quest took soo long D: So glad I had a snow day for extra time to work on this x3 ;

BAM LOOKY THAT :’D alllll 1250 (?) pieces of snow ! Hurraaay -confetti- finaallly x3 ~ went by a little faster after i started multitasking with anime.. ^U^;; didnt notice how long it was taking XD;

annnnd , most of the food i had collected for those 90 quest items x__x; mmm , that fruitcake sure looks yummy * U * that quest was crazy long too ;l do-able though .. aha. i was lucky i had some oats, lemons, and lemon pie from Founders Beta itself. x-x; helped me quite a bit X3 everything else I got rid of already for the Food for Friends event D8 ~ the fresh meat took about an hour or 2 to collect it all D: but I ended up getting about 6k off the other drops XD not bad i suppose ~ x3
ohohoho ! ITS SANTA PURIN. ; n; ahh , he is so cute too X3 this quest wasnt as bad as the farming quests ^-^ I was actually very lucky with the drops. Things that took people an hour or so to get only took me like the first 5 or 10 minutes XD ; pheewww ~

GUUUUYS ~ IMA SNOWMAAAN 8D ! knowing that you could only get either the snowman costume or the gingerbread costume , i prolly would of gotten the gingerbread one D: but its okaay ~ this one is cute too X3

whee ~ That was a good reunion : ) so nice to see guildies and people again. Though I’m kinda sad I missed the end screenies ;l Forgot about that kinda stuff completely and was like “x-x nothing to do on HKO anymore [/doesnt log on]” XD;; ohwell. and was there an event/birthday party ?! D: I dont really know. That red text announcement through me off, and then nothing happened the entire time I was on ;-; andddd , that last couple hours design event ?! oookay , completely didnt know that was going on XD ; i’m really disappointed i was unaware of it until i read the forums this morning .. =-=; -sad- it’s alright i guess ~ nothing big, however it would of been fun to do that designing shirts/hats thing. ;-; ahhhh.. well , I def cannot wait until Open Beta : ) i know so many people are waiting to play HKO ! x3 wheeee , thankies HKO for this Founders Eventness x3

 well ! 2 days til christmas > A< ;;

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  1. iheartbadtz Says:

    Congrats on finishing the quests! I only did the two easier ones.:P

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