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ohmymymymy. :x

May 8th, 2010 by puchinaru:kuririnmail.com

.. HELLO, whoever this may be . idk. I apparently haven’t been active on here since last year O__O; I suddenly got bored.. and was looking through my games :x and I was trying out trickster & audition & hellokitty again ;3  .. so I patched my HKO yesterdaay.. and I honestly am sooo lost T__T !! being disconnected from Sanriotown & HKO for like a year.. idk what is happening hehe . x3 I have NO IDEA what server I am playing LOL :[ but all I know is that it wiped again . boo !! x3 idk .. :’o I guess I shall go lurk peoples blogs to see who has been alive ^^ and perhaps try to play HKO once again.. sigh , its no fun to be away . ; 3; but oh I’ve missed Sanriotown ;__; ~ so much has gone onnn , whoa. :0

Anyways ^^ Nice to see you again.. I miss all these HKO people.
I hope to be more active over the summer hehe.

;v; Bahaha, more HelloKitty stuffs.

July 14th, 2009 by puchinaru:kuririnmail.com

8D HEY THERE. Hope everyone’s have a nice summer break (: oooorrr.. not.. depending where you are lmao. OTL;  Anyways ! it’s almost 2AM ; w; I wanted to sleep early.. but I was bored and like “8D OH I WILL UPDATE MY DEAD HKO BLOG” o wo;; Err, so yeah. I’ve got HKO SEA screenies, but I’ma post some recent Hello Kitty things I’ve gotten since I last updated instead. D8

O uO ; Anyways, to begin ~ I got this little HelloKitty playset. > w< ;; (LOLDUSTCOLLECTER , FTW) My friend and I went to Canada’s Wonderland , and in one of the giftshops we were cooling off in there was a HelloKitty stand.. honestly I was kinda like “Wtf is this doing here =__=” but no complaints.. 8D; since we both love Hello Kitty. There was soo much cute stuff.. > w> ; but I was sooo tempted to buy this and I did in the end ._.;

oh yes.. I didnt spend any time on picture editting this time . DX ; so lazy. orzzzz;;

Anyways , I also got some of the Hello Kitty stuff from MAC a while back , like months ago . ;l I wanted it all LMAO , but the price killed me. = w= ; I think that little HelloKitty cup brush holder thing was like $50 . actually idk , but I saw that on the site, and I was like -shot- I’m not a big makeup person to begin with.. so it would have been a waste ._. ; but anyways I got the nailpolish & a lip conditioner.. This is the kinda stuff that I won’t want to use .. but it’ll be wasted if i I don’t =__= urggg..  -stresses- XD I’m super happy I got some though :x

SO , I REALLY LOVE GACHAPONS ! > W< ;;;  like everytime I see one , I ask my mom for a toonie . ; w; <33 sankyu mom . > A< ;;; So here are some I’ve gotten lately.. (:

Teddy bear & Flamingo costumes 8D ; with a super duper neon string . XDD I actually love that . Anyways , I got these ones on my Europe trip . > w< ; (LOL was too lazy to post my trip..) Our tour bus stopped at this one gas station , and they had gachaponnnns . and I was like holyfawk HELLOKITTY * 3* ; and I got 2 . . C:  They were 1 euro each D: which is like the same price back home I guess = w= ;  Anyways yeaaah . <3

8D THE PAPER INSIDE , I didn’t complain with the ones I got . Not baad ~ I was jealous of my teacher though , she got the penguin * u * My friend got the hippo.. and I think she thought it was a horse LOL ~

This one . . I don’t really know what it is honestly. >_>; My mom dragged me out with her to run errands, and near the area was Pacific Mall (asianmall♥) ~ D’: so we had lunch thereee . .  and I saw a whole line of gachapon machines outside this one shop 8D I WAS LIKE LOLSCORE. ( D”: there’s this one entire store in pmall that has those machines.. its amazing x-x; last time my friends and i saw it we were broke T T ;; )

o-o; lol this one . . I got the one I wanted least =_=; the rest I would have wanted . > w< ; but not orange.. ohwell , its still cute. there was also a yellow lemon one on the sheet. o wo ; but yeah . anyways.. idk what it is LOL the paper is in japanese. It looks like one of those bingo things I guess > w> ; that like spin and drop out a ball XD ~ This one drops out fruits & a hello kitty . . ball thing. DX

8D OKAYS LAST ONE , got this from an TNT (supermarket 8D) I try to get a gachapon everytime I go there too . > W< ;; Got a surfer hello kitty. o-o; Ehh.. not bad, xD dont mind it ~ cute ah .

= w= ; Gaah.. thats it . Did you enjoy my boring rant + many pictures LOL . half of those werent even neccessary.  That’s it. XD Now I can sleep , waahoo 8D ; Anyways . I’ll post my HKO SEA stuff next (: as inactive as I was .o.

:D Huhuhu, I’m alive. ; ;

June 28th, 2009 by puchinaru:kuririnmail.com

8D Woooo , hi sanriotown! x3 Long time no see.. I pretty much died off of here after the beta closed. D”: Got lazy with checking for updates, and then finals came along.. and now I’m here. x3 Wooo free time. 8D

Anyways . . got into HKO SEA founder’s beta :’D mostly thanks to my awesome guildie-friend Cyndle. * u * thaanks! ♥ I honestly wouldn’t have known about it at all if she mention it to me ; ; and I’m very glad that she did. 8D thanks thanks ilu ! x3

but I didn’t get much of a chance to check out the information / download it .. because my family was in the midst of moving ; ; so my internet has been cut for a week. Dx I’m only downloading it now T T and it is very slow .. aiyaaa. =-=; [BitComet @ 5.6%] xD .. tried to get uTorrent because I heard that it was faster . D: but it’s only causing me problems since I do not know anything about ports / forwarding / why I do not have connection . D:< [uTorrent @ 0.3%] I think I’ll stick with BitComet. x-x Hopefully it’ll finish soooooon.. XD -highhopes- o-o; I also hope that when I do get a chance to play that my name is not taken yet. Ack D: Well ! I’m puchinaru & milktea @ hellokitty.com.sg atleast, 2 accounts by accident. but ohwell xD dunno if I’ll use them or not , they’re me ! xD puchinaru @ gloot forums obv. xD haven’t posted yet . . but hopefully I will ; ; 

Hmmm . . anyways , lately I’ve just been lurking around on Gaia Online. Opened up an art shop with a friend , and now just lurking art forums . 8D ; I got accepted into a Sanrio Art Auction so I’m very excited about that. >:’D We all get to draw cute Sanrio themed art XD -overjoyed-  Uhmm so that’s it . 8D ; I’ll post pictures in my next entry.. I dislike text greatly..

I would like to play ; ^ ; <3

Anyways happy summer all ! ♥ hope it’s great ! :’D


Sanrio Yummies Cooking Contest! PUDDING CAKE *u*

February 13th, 2009 by puchinaru:kuririnmail.com


for Sanrio Yummies Cooking Contest!

:’D Hi there! Over my semester turn-over break, I decided to attempt to do some baking. XD <3 and I chose to make a yummy pudding cake! C: I’ve made a chocolate one with strawberries according to a recipe {link far below} a couple months ago ~ but I wanted to make one in the shape of Hello Kitty ~ *u* So I made a vanilla one instead ! >:’D Hehe, there is no set recipe for this really. ^^ so as a note ~ x3 the instructions and ingredients are based off of my way of doing this . XD If you chose to use your own recipes they will definitely be different X3 but I will be explaining the simplest way. :’D Here we go ! X3

To make a pudding cake you will neeeed ~

One box of cake mix. ^u^ I used Betty Crocker’s Super Moist: Rainbow Bits for this particular cake. *u* ~ but feel free to substitute your own cake recipe/flavor of choice. XD I was just really craving this type. @u@;

  • +1 1/4 Cups {3OO mL} of Water or Milk
  • +1/3 Cups {75 mL} of Vegetable/Canola Oil
  • +3 Eggs

A Package of Jello Instant Pudding. I used the vanilla one. :’o
Again ~ you can always substitute this with another type of pudding. c:
This is just what I would use. XD

  • +2 cups of milk !

Now let’s get baking ! C:

O1. First ! Heat the oven to 35o degrees F {180 C}.
O2. Mix the cake ingredients in a bowl, as directed on the box ! *U* {cake mix, water/milk, oil, and eggs}
O3. Split the cake batter evenly into two 9” round baking pans !
O4. Bake for approximately 23-28 min !
O5. Let both cakes cool , and take them out from the pan ~
Poor the pudding mix into a bowl, and mix with milk.

O7. -CUT THE CAKE INTO A SUPER AWESOME HELLO KITTY SHAPE- C: If desired LOL , a round cake works perfectly fine and also makes less of a mess. X3

Place one of the cakes onto a plate, and spread on some pudding until the top is completely covered. *O*
O9. Stack the other cake on top of that , and spread the rest of the left-over pudding over it. C:

1O. Decorate the cake if you would like. *U*~
Make sure it’s covered. : ( or else your cake will become dry ! > A<

> A< WELL , BASICALLY. { condensed version XD;;; }
O1; Get a box of cake mix :’D ! Follow the directions on the back. ^^
O2; Split the cake mix evenly between two 9” round pans. C: BAKE !
O3; Get a box of instant pudding mix. ^^ and follow the directions as listed.
O4; Spread some pudding over one cake until the top is completely covered. c:
O5; Stack the second cake over top, and cover that with pudding as well. :’D

Decorate, refrigerate, eat and be merry! X3

2 baked cakes. * U* ! taken out of the pans , and set aside to cool ! C:

I cut the cake into the shape of hello kitty ! > A<
and started to added the pudding between ~ *U* <3

and here is it all finished & covered in pudding :’D

to decorate hello kitty ~ I used strawberries, pocky, these random
blueberry candies x_x;, and sprinkles. :’D You can use just about anything . XD

*U * Taaadaah ! The finished product. :’D
; w; She’s actually kinda cute ! d’aww.

and here is the inside of the super awesome rainbow bits cake. :’D

Hehe, well that was alot of fun. ^__^ I ended up eating the entire cake all by myself because my mom would never eat something so sweet, and my dad was away. XD OHWELL ! I enjoyed it . ^u^ -pats tummy- X3 Thankyou for the contest Sanrio~ :’D Happy cooking & Baking everyone !ps; I’m SO sorry if you have trouble understanding me x_x; I tried my best to list the recipe and it’s instructions. XD ~ but anyways , If you do decide to try it , I hope it works well for you . ^U^ 

Cake idea - thanks to Kraft. *U*
Pictures & random chef drawing - by Puchinaru. XD
Byebye !

happy chinese new year !

January 28th, 2009 by puchinaru:kuririnmail.com

hellooo everyone ! ^^ happy chinese new year, a little late but s’okay.

hehe , I wish you all a great year once again ! x3 soooo , yeah ! I also got a snow day today , which is pretty much the reason I had the time to blog. X3 So happy snow dayness to all those who got hit by the snowstorm. ;D ANYWAYS , CNY ! Since I live in Canada .. my Chinese New Year is pretty non-existant? X3 Like , it’s there :l but obv not as big of a deal as it is in China or HK. :< You only see it in like asian stores.. lol. : ( SO here is my “I live in Canada and my brother and dad went to Asia so it’s just my mom and I having a sad barely asian at all CNY! CHINESE NEW YEAR XD Well it wasn’t bad, but def felt like nothing special. e-e;

Yeah so , I had a semester turn-over break last week. My mom offered to take me to this supermarket called TNT. x3 Because they had all their CNY stuff out D: So she said I could get some of the CNY candy ~ :’D .. so I got a small bag of stuff X3 ; ~ no china stuff though , since my mom is paranoid.

hehe i also got a hello kitty gachapon from the store too ! >A< and it now lives on my tamagotchi , woohooooo ! C:

Anywho ! Every chinese new year my mom makes CNY cookies for people to bless them and whatnot .. also cause CNY cookies are just so yummy. :’D My brother and I used to help her when we were little.. D: but .. not so much anymore ;-; -shame-

Sooo , there is ! 2 STUFF I CAN SAY IRL , but can’t spell. : ) I shall spell out the sounding for you LOL , “Kway bunkay” “kway bo lou” rofl. I fail : ( and the rest I dont even know if there’s an asian name for them ~ but my mom just calls them Peanut Cookies, Pineapple Tarts, and Love Letters. :’D

and yeah ~ then I got ang pao’s. C: didn’t get many this year. XD but I’m not complaining since I got about $60. >A< ; though my parents haven’t yet given me. hahah x3 Lol @ my friends msn , “hope everyone take angpao like drink water~ go Casino win money like eat rice~” XD I lawled at it . - w- ; I thought it was funny atleast : ( Shh .

WELL THAT’S ABOUT IT . anyone who actually celebrates CNY in asia would prolly lol at this. XD ~ but yeah , that’s about all. D: Usually we do celebrate with people and do like steam boat or something X3 yumyum. but .. yeah .. no. xD So my dad’s in the Phillipines~ and yeah my brother’s studying in S’pore. D: I’m jealous cause he gets to celebrate alot more over there with my relatives and all XD My mom almost took me there for 2 weeks to celebrate D: but she’s busy with work so it’s a no-no. x3 Ohwell ! > A<

huhuhu , text heavy. ohwell ! ^u^ i think i’m too lazy to put together a video for the CNY Dream Studio contest. D: but yeah .. I did make a cake for the Baking Contest, as well as my Hello Kitty gingerbread cookies. > O < ; So I’ll hopefully post my entry for that soon :’D !

SOOO , that’s about it . I think. e-e ~ Happy Chinese New Year ~
and happy snow daying to the few ! X3
新年快樂 ☆ 新年快樂 ☆ 新年快樂

LAME-oh Exams ! D:

January 14th, 2009 by puchinaru:kuririnmail.com

Uhhh, hi. ;D I really have nothing to write lol. No HKO .. and just school has been going on. :C So this is just a random rant entry ! X3 Huhuhu~

wellllll, :l YEAH, exams. D; They started on monday this week. n__n; My semester was rather easy this year. o-o; I had Art, Spanish, Media.. and then Physics .. which is the non so easy part of my year. x-x; I have that exam tomorrow.. and oh boy I’m terrified. :l but I shall no go into details cause that’ll create a giant textblock XD

harhar D: See what good study people we are ! Except not really, because we’re all on MSN lmfao. - w- ; hehe, funny how everyones facebook& msn magically turns into this. XD

Anyways .. on a food note o.o ; Have you ever had green tea pocky ? XD ; It’s so yummy ; 3; ! Well that depends if you like greentea flavoured stuff or not XD but I do ! Except the tea itself D: I like the icecream and crrap.. lol .. anywho yeah ! so it was friggin amazing . X3 Yumyum pocky. ; 3;

Oohh , this is really late. :l becaues things kept coming up that delayed our SS Exchange , but this is what I got from my Secret Santa 8D Hehe , it’s so cute C: and soft.. and .. one of the last things I needed but something I always like. XD My mom was like “ANOTHER STUFF ANIMAL? D:” ohwell ! x3 i like it <3 and yeah I got my other friend a Tamagotchi , she was thrilled lol :’D Woo. We got these 2 friends of ours to tear it open for her. LOL It was hilarious D:

hmmm .. i hope to bake something hello kitty related for the baking contest soon X3 ~ Hopefully next week when my exams are over and done with ^___^ Yaaay !

PS D: ! Has anyone else been getting disturbing junkmail-y comments? ; w; I’ve gotten spammed with like 20 of them over the last few days ._. and it’s annoying cause I get excited over mail when its spam D: < Harhar, well I gotta fix my settings or something to hopefully block them out .__.; and I’m so sorry ! I accidently deleted someones comments while I was deleting them x-x; Hehheee .. my bad ;-;

anywho .. there goes my little pointless rant ! x3 Hope everyone has a good week ^___^ .. boo , back to physics studying I go.

Hello 2OO9 !

January 1st, 2009 by puchinaru:kuririnmail.com

^^ Woohooo ! Happy New Year everybody. <3 and I hope everyone’s year turns out amazing ! :’D

I spent my New Years Eve with some friends & people that were all like highschool/college people. ^____^ Yeah so we ate lots of yummy food : ) and played video games, ping pong, and watched tv and stuff ;DD Have to admit .. no one was really that enthusiastic LOL. If you think about it in the sense that it’s just another day.. yeah it’s not a big thing. x-x; D: This one guy was sooo enthusiastic .. and all of us were like .. “Yay… -sarcasm- D:” but yeah ;D We hung out and all. so that was fun ! X3 Hope you all had a wonderful New Years Eve & New Years Day !

My brother also left for Singapore today T___T ! He’s studying for a year :’3 and gunna live with my aunt & uncle X3 ~ Funny , my mom packed him soo much stuff to take home XDD annnd. yeah , he’s gunna be gone for about 6-8 months : ( so sad! I’ll miss my brother ; n; I love him so ~

Puchi’s New Years Resolutions !
LOL , these never happen.. but it’s nice to think of some sometimes ^ ^;;

O1; Uh, spend less time on the comp ..
So that I can get out with friends more .. It’s not like I have no life honestly. x__x; I just .. enjoy being online a bit too much sometimes. xD; Also need to get more sleep. I tend to stay up late, even if I have no reason. That kinda kills me at school lol.. and also , gotta stop getting distracted by the comp.. and actually do my homework when I have the time to do so. D:

O2; Leave the past in the past ! D:
.__.; uhm yeah ! Just anything I still hold against people who’ve done wrongs to me. x_x; It’s usually not this hard for me, I usually can’t hold grudges or stay mad at people at all. :l but there’s a couple of people who I’m still really upset with~ and I gotta learn to let things go. XD No sense dwelling in the past x3 ONWARDS TO THE NEW YEAR D:

O3; Magically be more outgoing/confident.
I’m a really shy person in real life.. and I have trouble conversating even though I want to. x-x; but random conversations just don’t come natural to me. Either I think to much, or I’m not thinking at all >__>; Idk, lol. People always say “If you don’t want to be , just don’t be shy!” Yeaaah… I wish it was that easy : ) hahaa. Gotta work on this ;<

O4; Be healthierr. XD
No, I’m not scared that I’m overweight or anything X3 I just know .. that I eat waaay too much junk ^__^; and too much of anything is bad. :l I also don’t eat as much fruit as I used too o.o ; even though some fruit is actually really good. XD I like .. chips so much better, hehe. and I also dont drink enough water : ( i dont like drinking in general .. X3; sooo dehydration ness D: which also leads to overeating XD oohboy ;o

huhuhu c: I have lots of other random ones too , but these are my maiiin ^U^ I THINK. xDD Ohwells . Happy New Year :’D Let’s make it a great one n-n !

:’D I also cannnoooot wait for Chinese New Year. My mom is starting to make chinese new year cookies now ! n-n woohooo ! I love those things. >;’3

Puchi’s Christmas Update! ^U^

December 28th, 2008 by puchinaru:kuririnmail.com

WELL HI THEREE! C: I’ma about to post almoost everything about my holiday so far X3 whiiich , isn’ all that exciting xD but is def an image&text heavy post as usual ^ U^ ;; heheh. UHH, YOU WERE WARNED. D:

hurraaay ! and because of a spur of a moment thing ..
i drew gingerbread men hahahaha , 8D
ima use them as freebies on gaia x-x
but i wanted to post them here too , ahaha. XD ;

Anyways ^^ HEY ! I’ll start waay back at the beginning c: As a Christmas gift to my church friends , I decided to bake them cookies ^^;; ! I made them some gingerbread, shortbread, sugar cookies, and these random hazelnut cookies XD ~ My mom helped me , thank goodness x-x ; I was pooped .. xD ~ I decorated both the gingerbread & sugar cookies in icing/glaze. ^^ and the shortbread I dipped in chocolate! ^U^ ; they turned out to be very yummy D: and my friends actually loved them > A< ; i’m so glad ! ^U^ here are a couple pictures of my gingerbread & sugar cookies (: They took the most effort, with both baking & decorating.

LOL I’M PARANOID D: so I labelled my name on every pic rofl. Anyways ^^ with some of the leftover gingerbread dough ~ I made some hello kitty character cookies freehand ! X3 they turned out pretty well compared to how I thought they would turn out xD I didn’t ice them yet ! > A< BUT I WILL , and WHEN I DO ! I may hopefully enter that Sanrio Cooking Contest ^0^ ! I hope to make many things for it X3 ; but .. I’ll prolly forget & procrastinate like the last contest D: but ohwell ! hehe. ^^

Christmas Eve!

My parents invited 3 families over to celebrate ^^ They were all adults, aside from this one girl. She was like in gr. 6 or something ;l So I had to like entertain her the entire night X3 ; It wasn’t too bad. We played Wii almost all night. and then watched half of Dumbo, and then half of Cool Runnings. xD Dumbo got scary half way through, so we switched over D: and then half way through of Cool Runnings, it was time for her to go home X3 She ended up borrowing both ahaa. ^ U^ My parents made a super yummy turkey/ham/potatoooes Christmas dinner. x__x; it was soo good , we havent had that for awhile. : )

Why hello, Christmas Day ! XD

soo christmas day ^U^; can’t honestly say it was amazing , since i let a guy get the better of me over christmas =__=; oh suure , i let it all go after lol D: ughh , atleast its kinda gone now.. well first thing in the morning , my brother and I opened our presents * A* ; I gotta say , I got pretty much everything on my reasonable wishlist. x3 The one I posted was like , if I could get anything D: but the one I gave my parents was like “Tamagotchi, We the Kings CD, Movies, TNA stuff, Hello Kitty stuff, Nailpolish” lol , and I got pretty much all of it x__X; minus the CD because it was like completely sold-out , which i dont mind. I download music anyway -couuuuugh- more image heavy stuff coming your way !!

My brother got me both of these movies ^U^ !
my favourites, heheh :]

Some really cute lipgloss ^^ and dundundun ! a Tamagotchi V5, x3 I was actually happy to get this. idk why. D: My friend who also wanted one didnt get one, little does she know I’m her SecretSanta & got her one >:’3 wahaha.

o-o Uhh k , my mom got me some glittery gold nailpolish. At first I was like OOOKAAY ? but it’s pretty nice actually : ) Has a pointy tip thing in the handle that I can use to dot my nails, and the brush is like one of those soft rubbery ones * A* ; I can decorate tooonns with this xD

* A* KYAA , the TNA sweater my mom bought for me : ) I was super happy X3 wasn’t the one I wanted originally , but it’s super cute and is soo comfortable . > A< it’s growing on me -cuddles-

[Some other stuff I got but didnt take pictures of to save you guys from dooom XD ~ Uhh. Jelly Belly jellybeans, some OPI handcream that smelled super good, a reindeer beanie babie, one of those digital photoframes on a keychain, picture frame, $20 Giftcard for chapters, Energizer Bunny plushie hahaha. ]

Ohoho, it is now Boxing day !

Me and 3 of my friends went boxing day shoppping , or tried. XD I didnt end up getting anything because I was too iffy about alot of things ;l Some of my friends got really good stuff though XD

but today my mom took me out to look at another Aritzia store (and other stuff of course x-x; ) because they didn’t have any shipments of bags before Christmas D: so we went to check if there were any pretty much. There weren’t any bags, but I did find the sweater I originally wanted @U@ ; surprisingly my mom let me get both sweaters. o Ao ; I just .. can’t buy anything much for about a year now, since they’re kinda pricey lmfaoo.

I also got one of those scarf things from American Eagle : ) I was debating whether or not to get it on boxing day cause it was somewhat pricey too x-x ; but I did have a giftcard ;l So I used up half of it on the scarf. hehhh. ^A^;

<- the scarf I ended up buying X3 - the design on the 2nd TNA sweater ->

ohoho , i promise i’m almost done XDD ~

uhh, people keep asking (irl&online x-x) if they’re fake nails or not o.o; nooo they are not xD i paint on my nails D: i don’t even know how/where to get those fake nails , or how to stick them on XD .. soo , there’s a note 8D harhar.

well I tried to follow this tutorial ^^ i really love her designs x-x; but dude i gotta start making my own XDD pretty much french tips, but not white ~ and with ribbons. :’D lol. doing the right hand of this was crazy hard x-x; my left hand was so shakey painting lol, i didnt even bother with the ribbons on that side.. YET D8; ohboy.

yooo , that was humungo > A< ; SORRYSORRYSORRY im so sorry ;l ! especially if you took the time to read it all T__T ; I need to cut down.. cause I usually partially rant/say pointless thing. hehee.

Well thankyou very much for looking ^^ I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday ! eeeeep , i gotta wake up early tmrw T__T and its so late D; ohboys.

*It’s the Founders Christmas Reunion !!~

December 24th, 2008 by puchinaru:kuririnmail.com

Wooo ! FOUNDERS REUNION! : ) is .. over now . ;-; so sad. x3 but it was rather fun * A* ; ~ New York was pretty cool looking xD It was really confusing to get through though D: With all the buildings .. and everything ~ The Christmas maps were cute too ~ I took a screenie of almost every christmas thing I saw D: ! Good for youuu ~ I dont post them all XD .. I don’t have the will to edit them all anyways x3 Lala ~ Here we go !

:l it took a good half an hour for HKO to actually allow people on the servers xD but once we got on we were greeted with a welcome message ~ X3 Aww so sweet the GMs. 8D ;

anddd yeah , I practically travelled around all of HKO before realizing the portal to New York was in Sanrio Harbor. >__>; I swear , I went to London like 2 times and back looking for where to start. X3 ; -whacks head-
;l well I finally found it. after much time spent wandering around aimlessly XD; so much for a head start ~ hehee.

yeaaah , so i was in New York finally ~ :’D Trying to figure out stufff, and talking with some guildies. x3 and then I go visit my farm : ( AND BAM ~ D8 eww what are those : ( fliiiies. I thought they were only there because we havent played for so long D: but even if you dig up all your crops and re-plant they come back. -tear- ugly flies !
Here is Frosting working away collecting snow ! x3 My farm is soo messy XD; but looky ! Army of snowmen ! waahoooo. Ughh, this quest took soo long D: So glad I had a snow day for extra time to work on this x3 ;

BAM LOOKY THAT :’D alllll 1250 (?) pieces of snow ! Hurraaay -confetti- finaallly x3 ~ went by a little faster after i started multitasking with anime.. ^U^;; didnt notice how long it was taking XD;

annnnd , most of the food i had collected for those 90 quest items x__x; mmm , that fruitcake sure looks yummy * U * that quest was crazy long too ;l do-able though .. aha. i was lucky i had some oats, lemons, and lemon pie from Founders Beta itself. x-x; helped me quite a bit X3 everything else I got rid of already for the Food for Friends event D8 ~ the fresh meat took about an hour or 2 to collect it all D: but I ended up getting about 6k off the other drops XD not bad i suppose ~ x3
ohohoho ! ITS SANTA PURIN. ; n; ahh , he is so cute too X3 this quest wasnt as bad as the farming quests ^-^ I was actually very lucky with the drops. Things that took people an hour or so to get only took me like the first 5 or 10 minutes XD ; pheewww ~

GUUUUYS ~ IMA SNOWMAAAN 8D ! knowing that you could only get either the snowman costume or the gingerbread costume , i prolly would of gotten the gingerbread one D: but its okaay ~ this one is cute too X3

whee ~ That was a good reunion : ) so nice to see guildies and people again. Though I’m kinda sad I missed the end screenies ;l Forgot about that kinda stuff completely and was like “x-x nothing to do on HKO anymore [/doesnt log on]” XD;; ohwell. and was there an event/birthday party ?! D: I dont really know. That red text announcement through me off, and then nothing happened the entire time I was on ;-; andddd , that last couple hours design event ?! oookay , completely didnt know that was going on XD ; i’m really disappointed i was unaware of it until i read the forums this morning .. =-=; -sad- it’s alright i guess ~ nothing big, however it would of been fun to do that designing shirts/hats thing. ;-; ahhhh.. well , I def cannot wait until Open Beta : ) i know so many people are waiting to play HKO ! x3 wheeee , thankies HKO for this Founders Eventness x3

 well ! 2 days til christmas > A< ;;

*Etc Game Adventures ~ :o

December 17th, 2008 by puchinaru:kuririnmail.com

Soo , asides from HKO I actually do play a few other games. D: -weirdgameyperson- Except I’m not like a crazy intense gamer.. ^^;; I usually just level a little.. and then just make up my characters pretty / chat with friends. XD Whee. That is Puchi’s gaming life.

Anyways, I tried out Gaia’s zOMG again. Was trying to catch up with my friend so we could wander around together XD; but we’re both not too crazy about it so far.. ( not that we can really say anything since we both havent gotten very far :’D ) but yeah.. I finally made it out of the introduction part. ^^;; Phew .. not sure if I want to explore outside of that. @ U@ ;

stupid grunnies .. chasing me throughout like 5 maps. = n=;

die plunger die ! D;

.. hello world beyond the sewers. XD ~ [/bored]

I’ve also started playing Ragnarok a bit, hehe ~ Private server.. since I would never be allowed to pay x__X; but don’t be like me ! >:’O Pay for your iRO ! .. anywho , The server my friends and I played on has been down .. though it went through beta testing a couple of weeks ago, and now it’s up and running again. ^^ So gives me something else to keep myself busy with ~!

Aww, my pretty priest ! :’D && two other peoples during beta~ Arc Bishop sprites are sooo much more adorable than the High Priest sprites. > O < ; Kyaa.

annd , me and some friends during the re-opening of the server ! :’D Hurraaay. RO Adventures restart ! 8D

thooough, i’m not a crazy RO fan. it’s mostly fun to hang out with friends on it x__x; and some of the sprites and items are cute c:~ So I’m very excited about HKO re-opening for the Founder Reunion tomorrow ! :’D kinda sad that it starts at 10PM , but I can atleast get a good hour of playing in, hehe ~

I can’t wait to see you all again. 8DD <3

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