I just acted on an impulse.

by prologue:hellokitty.com

I just acted on an impulse. To say “I’m sorry” to someone that deserved it. But… the thing is… that…

I doubt this person wants to hear from me.

And it is really humiliating myself. That will, no doubt, be intensified, if and when I get a response.

I know I will regret doing this later… but… I feel like I had to.

Otherwise, the guilt would tear away at me…

*sighs* This can either go really well or really wrong. Universal energy, please be with me, and let it turn out okay.

*is so embarrassed*


by prologue:hellokitty.com

I think my dog will die soon.

She’s been acting really, really strange lately… and she is old, around 9 or so…

She doesn’t want to play, and she hasn’t for at least a month now. She was getting sick a lot earlier last week, but got better. And not just not wanting to play, but for the past two months, she will only sleep. And I know dogs sleep a lot, but… this is way, way more than usual.

But… tonight has me particularly worried… Because… out of nowhere she did a strange bark/squeal that I have never heard from her before.

I am worried. I love our dog, and I don’t want her to die. I’m so scared. I’m so scared…

I don’t want to see it happen… I’m scared.

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