A ridiculously bad night.

by prologue:hellokitty.com

Everyone, do you now how much college costs?

Well did you know that the government financial aid hardly goes over 5,000 dollars?

And did you know that most colleges only give you only an additional 5,000 in their financial aid?

And the rest has to come out in student loans.

But nowadays, did you know that to get those loans, you either need

  1. A cosigner
  2. A job

Well, I had told my mother the realities of college cost a million times. But my mother is not very smart, and she ignored me completely.

Well when the reality hit her last night, every single thing that I had planned has been crushed.

No, I’m being serious.

In short?

I will now live in an apartment with my 23 year old sister Lisa. In Arizona, where the school she wants to go to is. That way, her and I will get in state tuition.

I put on a brave face to her, but I’m really upset. I do not want to go to ASU. Do you know what that school is? It’s a party school, a place where everyone gets drunk and does bad things. It has a horrible reputation.

The only reason I considered it, even for a second, was if I did really bad on my ACTs (which I didn’t). Because they accept close to 90% of all applicants.

I’ll never be able to get a good job graduating from there! Never! I don’t want to go to that school!

I hate my life! Why did it have to be me!?

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