A Quinceañera

by prologue:hellokitty.com

My mother isn’t hispanic at all, so even though I am. But since my father is gone, I guess she never really thought that having a Quinceañera would be important to me at all. 

But that never meant that I didn’t want one. My culture is still important to me, and I wish that I embraced it a little  more. I wish that she would too.

That’s why, as I am planning for this traditional sweet sixteen, I am reminded that I never got to have a Quinceañera at all… and that I wish I could have had my Quinceañera instead of this sweet sixteen.

It’s not like I have friends that I could invite… but… but… I could wear a beautiful dress and I could get my last doll, have a tiara, a ceremony, and put on heeled shoes, and… and… so many other things.

Now all I get to do is get my picture taken with Winnie the Pooh, and a tiny cupcake with a candle stuck in the middle… (I’m going to Disney World for my birthday)

*sighs* If only… 


I cried about that stress this morning. I feel like all of my options are falling through and that I will not be accepted anywhere… I mean, I haven’t gotten my scores back yet, so I guess I should try to stay positive. 

My sister is mad at me today, so I’ve spent the entire day alone and in silence. 

But, as the title reads, today is Friday~! That cheers me up slightly. I’ll get to leave the house, at least, for a little bit.

Though I didn’t get any of my weekly goals done… Gao…

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