I had a bad day today, but I still feel better than I did yesterday. It was like… way too many things piled on top of me…

Today I curled my hair, and it looked super cute. I have decided that I’ll do it everyday. It make me look a lot cuter.

Ah, but I’m stressing out about college. My top choice has suddenly become… um… “out”. Ah~~~ so so much stress… Any college that offers my majors has an acceptance rate of like… 50%! I feel like I am doomed…

I wish I knew what my ACT scores are….  at least then I would know what schools I am looking at…. 

I don’t want to go to ASU!  Ah!

I am super tired as I am writing this… I’m way too stressed out. *is ashamed that her calm and cool demeanor has failed her recently* But for now,


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