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Private Practice S01E03 Part 2

October 22nd, 2007 by

Now this poor girl can’t have sex with her husband because any kind of attempt causes her to feel pain in there.

She’s scared that her husband is going to leave her if she can’t have sex with him. The guy tells her that he doesn’t need sex and that he loves her dearly.

Of course, she went and said,

You’ve never lied to me before, don’t start now.

And this shuts him up.

Wow. Is sex all that?

Let’s all just go back to the cake, shall we? :P

Oooh. And there were also this four little kids who became blue because of the toxic fumes in their neighbor’s yard coming from the fertilizers.

Too bad I don’t have pictures of them! :(


Alright. I’m really incoherent here, I’m sorry. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do, really. I don’t know if I’m supposed to give summaries or if I should just go on with my ramblings. Hahaha.

Well, surprise surprise!

They ended up having sex after all! :D

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Private Practice S01E03 Part 1

October 22nd, 2007 by

Hahaha. Part 1 of a trilogy, perhaps? I just want to comment on various screen caps and various happenings, lol! :D

Aww… She doesn’t like the rain? I love the rain. Los Angeles is fabulous, then! :D


This hot guy baked a CHOCOLATE CAKE for Naomi :D


I love this guy! I really really really love him. Hahaha 

Hot guy + hot baking skillzors?

Come on!

He looks a bit like Zac Efron, actually :D

Private Practice S01E02

October 12th, 2007 by

Rofl! They (not including Addison) hired a stripper for Sam!

And all the while I’m thinking — he’s still going to be more interested in his dog than her.

And I was right. I mean, stripper and Sam cannot be used in the same sentence. Well, Cooper and stripper, yes. But Sam? Hah!

Meanwhile, our little midwife-in-training invited Naomi into giving a talk in his school, which she rejected since we all know she’s still head-over-heels in love with her ex-wife. And even Addison volunteering didn’t help. He kept rejecting the offer — leaving Addison rattling off her more than excellent credentials in vain!

This kid has been diagnosed with a disease that means that she would be alive for five years, tops.

And as luck would have it, this couple’s baby and another couple’s baby were switched by none other than… the other father! (I’m hoping that I’m still not confusing at this point)

Okay. Out with it.

Let’s face it. Their only saving grace in this episode is the emotional distress that they caused when they switched the babies.

Whether or not this series would continue to be interesting is something that I’m looking forward to finding out.

Screen caps can be found here.

I stand corrected

September 22nd, 2007 by

They’re not only engaged! They’re married!

After dating for a month and being engaged for four, they’re now officially married!


Kate Walsh is hot (as usual). And the guy looks rich. So… yay?

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Private Practice First Episode

September 22nd, 2007 by

So, I finally got around to watching the pilot episode!


Addison finally goes to Los Angeles and joins the Oceanside Wellness Group. The first person she sees is Dr. Sam Bennett (Taye Diggs), who is Dr. Naomi Bennett’s ex-husband. He’s surprised to see Addison and he gets into an argument with his ex-wife — why did she act on her own in hiring Addison?

Things get heated when other doctors in the clinic are as irritated about it. Events in the clinic continues they get a patient who was going to give his sperm to his girlfriend. And while the guy tries to get into the mood (viewers don’t get to see this), he has a stroke and dies when he reaches the hospital — it’s been too long.

The girlfriend still wants the old guy’s sperm (and when I say old, I mean guy with white hair and looks old). Apparently, she loves him. The head honcho at the hospital refuses to let the OWG get the sperm for the girlfriend and Naomi shows the hospital the papers wherein it clearly showed that the old guy wanted to let his girlfriend have his sperm.

Surprise surprise! Apparently, our old man has a wife! And the wife also wants her husband’s sperm. But after having a talk with Naomi, who, if we remember, was suddenly told by Sam that he didn’t love her anymore, the wife just let the girlfriend have it.

While that was happening, Dr. Violet Turner (Amy Brenneman) is trying to calm down her patient who began compulsively counting the tiles in a store — turns out that the patient lost her kid and was reminded of him when she saw this commercial in that store. She solved this one with the help of Dr. Cooper Freedman (Paul Adelstein).

On the other hand, Addison gets a young patient who’s about to give birth. There’s a complication and she had to open up the girl lacking medical equipments (plus anesthesia). Dr. Peter “Pete” Wilder (Tim Daly) does his acupuncturist thing so that the patient won’t feel any pain. The operation is a success and the girl gets brought to the hospital.

The day is up and they deliberate whether Addison gets to stay. Naomi apologizes and Addison does her speech.

Addison in Private Practice

Woah, woah, woah, woah! Hold on a minute! Uh… I have been working here less than 24 hours, okay? And in that time, I discovered that I am not welcome here. I learned that I am a one-man gyne show and I performed crazy MacGyver surgery. Plus, Sam saw my booty! So, this has not been a great day for me. This day kinda sucked! But you know, I had a patient. One patient. One patient the entire day! And I loved it! So, you want me gone? Too bad! I’m in! I’m putting my foot down… My foot down… Down. I’m not going anywhere, so… Yeah… I thought I had a big finish but, I don’t… So… I’m gone.

That was sad.

That was really sad.

 I’m embarrassed for you.

Ashamed, actually.


She gets to stay!


Private Practice opening credits:

Private Practice Opening Credits
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Dr. Naomi Bennet

September 22nd, 2007 by

Four-time Tony winner for Broadway, Audra McDonald was cast as Dr. Naomi Bennet, which was played by Merrin Dungey during the Grey’s Anatomy spin-off.

The replacement was said to be a sort of “fine-tuning” for the show. I’m not really sure what that meant.

Last I heard, they were looking for someone who had a better chemistry with Kate Walsh.

Hmm… Does that mean that Merrin Dungey didn’t connect well with Kate Walsh? Was there a sort of argument?

I’m trying to find out but so far, the sites I’ve visited makes no mention of this.

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Since the torrent still hasn’t finished downloading

September 19th, 2007 by

Yes, you read right. My first episode of Private Practice still hasn’t finished downloading :(

A really sad fact if you’re like me and itching to write about it.

So all I can do is go off to youtube and dailymotion to look for short. Again, short (we don’t have much time, you know) Haha.

Kate Walsh: ‘Private Practice’ to Be Stiff Competition for ‘
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You have to watch this video if you’re a Kate Walsh fan! She’s hot and she’s engaged! Ahah!
She’s really very pretty for a 39 year old woman.
Why you should read my blog? Well, for one thing, you don’t have to sift through all those videos about PP that are a bit repetitive :P

A Start

September 16th, 2007 by

First and foremost, what is Private Practice

Well, it’s really a spin off of Grey’s Anatomy.

Remember Addison Montgomery?

She’s Kate Walsh, an actress born in San Jose, California.

So why does she have her own series? Well, if you follow Grey’s Anatomy closely, she cheated on her husband, the very handsome Dr. Derek Shepherd (Patrick Dempsey), also known to us as McDreamy, with his best friend, Dr. Mark Sloan (Eric Dane), also known as McSteamy.

With a hot guy like McDreamy, how come she gets to cheat with another one who’s equally as hot?

Beats me!

Addison from Grey's AnatomyAnd I’m guessing that it’s what’s on people’s minds too!

Anyway, she leaves behind Seattle Grace Hospital and moves to Los Angeles to start what she calls the rest of her life.

Why Los Angeles, you ask?

Because her best friend, Naomi Bennett is there.

If you want to see the hot guys in Addison’s life, I encourage you to view this preview:

Private practice saison 1 : US promo (ABC)
Uploaded by psykoneo

And if you want to see a remnant of Addison’s past in Seattle Grace, you should see this preview:

Private Practice Abc preview
Uploaded by mariangela

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Yes, We Get a Sneak Peek

September 16th, 2007 by

Uploaded by crazychica802

Being an avid Grey’s Anatomy fan, I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into this new series.

Well actually, that I’m a Grey’s Anatomy fan is a bit doubtful nowadays — seeing how they ended their latest season.

“It’s not like I look bad… naked. I mean, a lot of men have a joy at seeing me naked! A lot! I meant… Well not a lot! I mean… 8! Well, 11.”

So looking for some commentary on the episodes? Check me out and you might actually enjoy it.

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