6 Responses to “♥ Golden Half Hello Kitty edition camera ♥”

  1. Whoa am sooo jealous!! ITS SO CUUUTE!!

  2. Yeah, I know right??!! Too cute to be true!!! :D

  3. Hello, have you try to develop after you snap by using this Golden Half? I’ve purchased from Click Shop last month, haven’t got time to explore yet. THanks for sharing everything on HK in your blogspot..HK is my daughter’s fav :) Check it out the starlet-scarlet in FB, they just posted the HK Calculator, kinda cute too :)

  4. Hi Rachel, welcome to my blog! :) I haven’t develop yet. but i will share the photos soon after i develop it. You are so welcome, me personally is a Hello Kitty collector. You can read more on my HK collections in this blog. Haha, i got the same taste as your daughter! :D Thanks for your recommendation! I will go check out starlet-scarlet soon! :) Hope you enjoy my blog!

  5. OMG SO CUTE! Does it take good pictures?

  6. Hi Rosie, yeah, IT IS!! haha! i haven’t develop any photos yet since i don’t even finish my first film… =.=” really can’t wait to develop and see how the photos look like!! :)

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