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Hi all, I am officially shifting my blog to my own domain.




It is such a happy moment to have my own domain (like FINALLY)!! Although i no longer blog in Sanriotown, but I am still one of the most loyal Hello Kitty fans ever!!!^_^


Despite the super slow loading of my blog and some broken links :( , you guys still very patience to read my blog. Thank you all my readers who have been supporting my blog! I love you all!!


Hope you can continue supporting my blog at my own domain! Looking forward to see your comments on my new blog! ;)


p/s: Due to some technical issue, i am unable to export my old blog posts to my new blog, so sorry for the inconvenience! :(


A new beer with the phoenix as the signature - Grimbergen has been launched previously at the Belgian Ambassador’s Residence.







 Temporary air spray tattoo was available for invited guests with the signature of Grimbergen - Phoenix.



Me, Kate, Sandy and Louise.





Grimbergen is package in a very adorable and handy size that comes with 3 flavors - Blonde, Blanche, and Double. Personally i love Blonde, which has a lighter taste but with the highest alcohol content among all.







 With Belgian ambassador and his wife.



Eventually, the ambassador’s wife told me, “Finally I found a girl who can stand beside me like this.” LOL. Coz she is so tall!! She is very friendly as well! :)







Last but not least, everyone say Cheese with your Grimbergen!! ^_^

Have you heard of one saying whereby Girls’ wardrobe always lack of one dress? Because of this very saying, we, girls always love to shopping. And it always end up like this:


 Overflowing wardrobe =.=!

Then you are thinking, i should clear some of my old clothes and stuffs, but how should i deal with all those unwanted stuffs? While you are scratching your head, let me bring you a good news!!

A new platform where you can SELL, SWAP or even GIVE AWAY your pre-loved stuffs - Friendly Fashion is here!!! :D


Being the first online community closet, Friendly Fashion allows you to offer your unwanted clothes and accessories to the members of the community. It is pretty easy to navigate within Friendly Fashion website.

Step One:

You just need to sign up yourself for an account or just log in using your Facebook account, pretty easy right? No more lengthy registration, i promise you! I done my member registration within seconds! :D

Step Two (if you wanna submit an item for sales, swap or give away):

 Click on the Submit Item tab. You will see the agreement along with step-by-step instruction on how to submit your item.

Tips: Make sure you have higher quality images with you yourself or friends that modeling your items for you. ;) You know what a customer wants, don’t you? (Because we are the customer ourselves!!! )

Step Two (if you wanna find yourself some bargains from Friendly Fashion):

Click on the Clothes tab. You will see item catalog with 3 main categories, and many sub-categories. Browse through the item catalog and get your items!

Tips: Look at the handover options to find out whether an item is open for SELL, SWAP or/and  GIVE AWAY.

Step Three:

Like their Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/friendlyfashion.my  and promote this website to your friends if you think this is awesome!

Oh by the way, Friendly Fashion allows you to follow a person if you like his/her items! Just click on the star beside the member’s name, and voila! You will be notified when they have new items on rack!

I got too many stuffs to get rid at this moment. Give me some time while i sort it out and camwhore take some nice picture of ME modeling my items. At this moment, you can follow me in Friendly Fashion at:


 Hope you love this new recommendation from ME! Ciao~






- Julius is your friend -

On March 10th, Paul Frank launched it’s second store in Malaysia. The first store is in Pavilion, while this second store is located at Level 3, Suria KLCC, just next to TGV cinema.



This special launching was held in morning session, which media and bloggers were provided with light breakfast.







Julius, the mascot also made his appearing in between 12pm to 6pm, to meet and greet the guests during the launching.





The ladies from MHB. ;)



Me & Michelle, the media contact person from Paul Frank. She is my secondary best friend too! Thank you for your invitation to this fun and playful event! :D





 Congratulations! The second Paul Frank store is officially launched!!!

Medias and guests are so excited to check out the merchandises, which included Paul Frank signature t-shirt, pajamas, briefs, also some cute and adorable accessories!!!  Oh yeah, they also have the Paul Frank headset and iphone cover!! :D







Paul Frank in devil suit!





 ”I am waiting for an important call!”, Julius said. LOL.

Besides that, during the grand opening, a special KL Screen Print Tee will be given to the shoppers with every purchase of RM200.





 The KL Screen Print Tee is limited edition by the way!!! I only got myself a Paul Frank brief which worth RM39.90, hence i can’t get the tee… :(

After all, the launching was a successful one!! Guests and medias had fun with the colorful ambience and also the mischievous Julius! Check this out and see what’s happening during the launching! ;)



It’s the time again for Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge VIP Race Party 2012! I’ve been wanting to join this huge event and finally i am able to join it this year together with my lovely MHB team!


MHB members in the party 2011~



Being the world’s leading Scotch whisky + number ONE whisky in Malaysia, Johnnie Walker is also the global partner of Formula One team VMM since 2005. By continually innovation based on the shared values of Johnnie Walker and Formula One, Johnnie Walker aim to bring exciting new consumer experiences to the Black Circuit Lounge for a high-flying Formula One lifestyle experience. 

 To bring a whole new Formula One lifestyle experiences to the consumers, we, young generations, erhem,  need some ’stimulants’, don’t we?


Hell ya! Four yummylicious famous DJs : DJ Nadine, DJ Smith, DJ Politik & DJ Dim Sum will be there to spin the track and make you go round and round!!

Wait a moment, a more exciting news to the Formula One fans or ladies out there - - - - ->


 Jenson Button - Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula One driver will be making his appearance at the Black Circuit Lounge!! Guess what, not only he is good looking, he is very talented too! Last year, he managed to secure a podium finish in the Malaysian Grand Prix! Aww~~~*heart melted*


 Johnnie Walker



 Pretty mixologist



Party all night!!!

Okay, now, i know you guys are so overwhelming. But let me break a news to you:


Johnnie Walker and MHB are so kind to reward readers that has been supporting my blog for an exclusive VIP-can’t-buy passes to the Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge.

All you need to do is to answer 3 simple questions:

  1. Name the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula One driver that secured a podium finish in the previous Malaysian Grand Prix 2011.
  2. Watch the video here:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAITYN_dzIw and tell us what Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula One driver Lewis Hamilton says at the end of the video.
  3. Tell us why you think that Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge VIP Race Party is THE party of the year and why you should be invited in no more than 50 words.


The blog reader with the correct and most creative answers will win a pair/ two (2) VIP passes to the ultra exclusive JOHNNIE WALKER® Black Circuit Lounge.

How to enter:

Send an email to valerie16_88@hotmail.com with the answers to the three (3) questions above by 11.59pm on 17 March 2012. Please also do include your full name, NRIC number, address and mobile number.

 Terms & Conditions:

  1. Only Non-Muslim Malaysian residents aged 18 and above are eligible to participate in this contest.
  2. All participants are warranted to have read the Terms & Conditions carefully. By submitting the entry, they are deemed to have accepted the Terms & Conditions stated.
  3. MHD reserves the right at their sole discretion to disqualify any entrant from the contest without having to provide any reasons. In any such event, MHD’s decisions are final and binding and no correspondence regarding the decision will be entertained.
  4. Each submission (and any intellectual property that forms part of that submission) shall then become the property of MHD and may be used by MHD at no cost and in any way deemed fit.
  5. * All prizes are subject to stock availability and MHD reserves the right to cancel, change, substitute or remove the prizes at any time or without notice to the participant.

Don’t wait further! Answer the 3 questions and email me NOW! :D

Step inside the Black Circuit Lounge with Johnnie Walker & Jenson Button for insider access into the stylish and sophisticated Formula One lifestyle.


For more info, please visit Johnnie Walker Facebook page: www.blackcircuit.com.my/facebook

MHB Facebook:  www.facebook.com/myhotbloggers 


Romantic. Modern. Feminine.

The new definition of female.

Laura Mercier launched its Spring 2012 collection - Lingerie at its Sunway Pyramid kiosk last week. I was invited under our MHB community.



I tried my best to dressed up myself according to the theme - Romantic. Feminine. Modern.  Hope you like it. ;)

What i wore: Orange dress, Mom’s. Black pump heels, Sungai Wang.



 The new collection - Lingerie. Sheer Lip Color, RM82; Creme Cheek Color, RM95, Eye and Cheek Palette, RM229, Lip Shine, RM85.



 My lovely mates in MHB! Sarah, Kate, Emma, Johanna and me~



 The event included a free make over or touch up for the invited guests. Besides that, Jodi Riley, the top Laura Mercier global make up artist from the United States also present to give a demonstration on the new Spring 2012 collection.



Get your Laura Mercier Spring 2012 collection at Lot G1.128A, Ground Floor, Sunway Pyramid now! :)

p/s: this is not a panties, is a cosmetic pouch! How cute! <3


I am a Pisces baby. (means I am hinting all of you that my birthday is coming soon!! :p) Okay, is on March 16th. LOL. 

You know most of the girls always have very high desire when comes to shopping? Yeah, believe me, making a shopping list before going to the mall is USELESS. Because usually it ends up with either more stuffs than your shopping list, or you buy everything but nothing from the shopping list.

I understand that it is easy to buy a gift for ladies, from skin care to perfume, clothing to lingerie, bags to accessories, almost everything from these categories are suitable for ladies.

BUT…. Suitable doesn’t mean that she will like the gift. AND… I have this birthday wish list, to those who is planning to get me some gifts. LOL. (Sorry for being such thick skin! :p ) Anyway, it is more like a DAILY wish list since I’ve been wanting to get these, not only on my birthday la.



Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cleanser.



 Kiehl’s Cucumber Alcohol-free Toner.



 Kiehl’s Clearly Corrective Dark Spot Solution.



 Kiehl’s Lin-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate.



 Kiehl’s Super Fluid UV Defense SPF 50+ .



Coco Amour x Hello Kitty perfume. I want 4 of them please~~~   (Not available in Malaysia yet i guess… >_< )



 Marc by Marc Jacobs SS12 Collection - Rubber Croc Tote.



2011 Fall/Winter Hello Kitty x Che Che - EB-1371-FW11. I don’t think i see this in Che Che Singapore… Not sure about Che Che Midvalley Malaysia.



 Diana Mini Hello Kitty Edition. It is selling in Malaysia!!! Anyone buy me this? LOL.



 But if you don’t know where can get some of the stuffs, or you are lazy to go out and search for it, no worries. As a very considerate friend, i will suggest that you give me CASH (RM, USD, SINGAPORE DOLLAR are acceptable) and i can go get it on my own. Or even better, save in my bank account!! :D

So yeah peeps, thanks in advance! *blink blink* 

Have you heard of St. Patrick’s day? Oh well, let’s go through a bit of fact sheet about St. Patrick’s day before i show you how we actually launched the GUINNESS® St Patrick’s celebrations at Malones, Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur!

St Patrick’s Day is an Irish celebration occurring on March 17 of every year and is also known as St Paddy’s Day. St Paddy’s Day celebrations usually feature live music, traditional Irish cuisine, drinking, games, and generally good fun with family and friends.

This year marks the 6th year of GUINNESS® St Patrick’s celebrations in Malaysia. The theme of St. Patrick’s Day 2012 is Celebrate the laughter side of life’. To make it the largest St. Patrick’s celebration in Asia, GUINNESS® will be hosting a 2 days celebration on March 16th and 17th at Changkat Bukit Bintang.

Oh well, this will be my first St. Patrick’s celebration too! (if you happen to just know all the facts, you’re not alone!! LOL) Let’s see how this exciting party was launched at Malones, Pavilion, KL!



The VIPs, which included the Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Ireland, Marketing Manager of  GUINNESS®, Marketing Director of GAB, and Managing Director of GAB together launched the Guinness World Record attempt to make March 17th the biggest St. Patrick’s celebration with the title of ‘Friendliest Day of the Year‘. 



Me in my GUINNESS® St. Patrick’s hat!  :)



Tim, Jane, Me & Michael!



GUINNESS®, anyone? I had three.



 Jane, me & Louise.



Very colorful and playful entertainers at the launching to bring and celebrate the laughter of side to guests!



A group photo of the VIPs together with the entertainers, and also the  GUINNESS® motorbike!



I failed to spin this plate. 



The invited guests toast and cheers with their favorite GUINNESS® in hand! Spot me - - - - - - oops, only 1 arm and 1 leg in this photo, was cut off.. 



Flash mob in action during the party after-launched! Cool stuff!



 Like Tim said, not my sexiest moment. But i told him, i was fighting for victory!!! LOL. Yeah, and i done it within 30 seconds (time limit was 60 seconds)!  Mini games were included in the launching to allowed guests to win some small gifts.



The launch of  GUINNESS® St Patrick’s celebrations was a very successful one! I had fun with unlimited  GUINNESS® beer, yummy food, entertaining games, and friendliest moment with friends and also new met friends!  Find out more information about GUINNESS® St Patrick’s celebrations on March 16th and 17th, and also valid promotion at Guinness Malaysia Facebook. Like their page now!!!  


♥ ♥ ♥

 Like my Facebook page now to see more photos for this fun St. Patrick’s day media launch!!!






On the Feb 18th, Avril Lavigne had her last stop of Black Star Tour in Malaysia. I was overwhelming to go to her concert with all my lovely babes!! So Freda sugar suggested we wear black with gothic make up. And here is my gothic make up:


 A combination of gold, brown and black. Personally i like it very much!!

We decided to  meet up at 4pm to have earlier dinner together before go to Avril’s concert together. Freda sugar and me met up at 2pm to have some of our dating time. LOL.



My brunch. Sugar just looked at me when i eat while she had nothing. LOL. I felt so fat.



 Our prove of ….



 All of us. Freda sugar, me, Sandy honey, Lyn Pei, and Adrian. :)

After the earlier dinner, we went to Forever 21 to complete our Avril’s look!!






 After!!! Lacey lacey~~~



 Let’s meet Sandy Lavigne, Valerie Lavigne & Avril Freda!! We are SVF



 We have similar shoes and lacey leggings~~



 With our gothic accessories!!

To make sure Adrian is part of us, we do some transformation on him too!






 My sugar is the magician~~~;)



After!!! hehe…Adam Lambert here you go!!!

Since everyone is ready to go, let’s headed to the Avril Lavigne Black Star Tour!!! Woohoo~~~~





 Me & Liyin baobei~~







3 of us in raincoats because of naughty weather!!! My first ever concert with raining coat on. LOL. So funny. I felt like putting on a garbage bag over my body. And it was like sauna. Eventually i felt my skin soften after took the raincoat out. LOL. 

I know you are excited to ask me about Avril Lavigne’s concert. Yeah, she sang freaking well. But i almost fell asleep in the concert. Not because of Avril, but because of the not-so-smart cameraman.  The whole concert i never see Avril’s face, i don’t even know is she putting on make up or not. =.=”  The cameraman NEVER zoom into Avril’s face to show the audience. What the cameraman focus was on the whole stage, or the whole Avril, but never on the face. WTH? I paid to see DARKNESS. I feel i am listening to radio with Live version.

Anyway, it was a fun and crazy one to have such lovely babes to play around with our gothic styles! (and it was my first time to go Pavilion like that!! :D )

I am looking forward to our next outing! ;)





Malaysia Social Media Week (MSMW) was held on Feb 13th to 17th, 2012 at PWTC, KL. Thanks to Tim of MHB, I was able to attend the event without paying the RM400 fees (I would be eating air if i have to pay for that since i am erhem, jobless now). I was there for 2 panel sessions, one on Feb 13th, the other one on Feb 14th.







Me & Emma.





My Kitty Fisheye and Fujifilm lil red were with me throughout the session. Hehe…







 On the Feb 13th, i have attended Panel Session 3 - The NEW Media Lifestyle Blog - where opinions matter most! There were 4 speakers in the session - Nipun Kapur, the Chief Bloggers of Closest Chronicles from India; Ahmad Abdul Rahman aka ALTIMET from Malaysia ; Wilson Ng, from Places and Foods. com; and also David Hogan Jr, from Malaysia Asia Blog.

In this session, many different aspects were shared by the respective speakers, included fashion luxury brand, pirated and illegal downloading music, impact of food blogs on F&B business, and also impact of travel blogs.

Through this session, i have learned that social media can either be your friend or enemy, depends on how you use them. Personally, i believe everything has its pros and cons. If you misuse it, regardless of how it is supposed to benefit people, it will brings you negative impacts. So people, make use of social media wisely ya!! ;)

While on Feb 14th (yeah, Valentine’s day!!), i have attended panel session 5 - The Bloggers Jam Session - Event Highlight. According to the booklet, Malaysia’s top 8 prominent bloggers will show up in this session. I was so excited!



Jojo Struys in action. Yeah, i know her, very famous host + celebrities.



Basically in this session, all the 8 bloggers shared more on the impact and usefulness of Twitter. I was seriously, a bit disappointed la, as i hope to hear more about blogging stuffs, rather than Twitter. Anyhow, glad to know the Twitting experiences of those bloggers. I don’t tweet, and i am thinking should I? Hmm….What say you?

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