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Black Beauty

Monday, June 21st, 2010

I have a friend who has an all white toy collection. He buys everything white like blanks and prototypes. He goes crazy every time he sees something white. XD

I’m not much of a fan when it comes to blank figures, but when I saw the news regarding the new monochrome figures by David Horvath, my eyes went white even though the figures are all black. :D

all black

Looking at them, they’re not really blanks. I like how the eyes still stand out at these monochrome goodness. Will they come out from an elegant box layered in velvet? XD Can’t wait to have these pretties in the shelf!

Holiday Bossy Bear and Friends

Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

xmas bossy

xmas bossy2

Be bossy this holiday season with Bossy Bear and Friends. Make room under the Christmas tree for four Milk and Cookies Guardians!

Yellow Rangers

Sunday, June 14th, 2009

New colorways for Bossy Bear and friends!



These will be available this July at the Taipei Toy Festival. Limited to only 300 pieces.

Make your life sunnier with the new Yellow Rangers!

Ugly Is Still In!

Sunday, April 5th, 2009

Geeez…I haven’t posted here lately. It doesn’t mean that I totally abandoned my Uglydolls fandom. I have just been pretty busy lately. I still buy Uglydolls and other Horvath-related stuff even if I’m busy! Hehe.

Let’s see what I got so far…

  • Menta Ice-bats (Both blue and white eyes that was released last 2007 at the first Deharavath. Yey! Been jumping up and down with these. I’m glad I waited and didn’t pay flipper price. XD)
  • Uglydolls Postcard Set
  • Little Uglys Babo in Purple (Also wanted a Babo’s Bird to match it but it was out of stock.)
  • Uglydoll Kaiju Babo with cookie shop (Solid Blue and In the Dark versions. I already have these, but the local store had them on super sale. LOL!*)
  • Uglydoll Kaiju Ice-bat (Clear Glitter version. My third one!* O_o Will probably have it customized.)
  • Flatwoods Monster (Fire-type version. I want to complete all 13 versions. XD Oh no…my shelf space!)
  • Grass Nut Bear Qee
  • Signed and doodled (by David Horvath) Bossy Bear book
  • God Noupa
  • Little Bony plush
  • Toothy Turtle (Yellow GID and Standard version)
  • Super Puncher

Hmm…I still lack a lot of stuff. @_@ Oh well, will just wait when the price is right.

*LOL! What’s the deal in buying the same thing over and over again? XD Some collectors have a rule to always buy in duplicate or even triplicate or even more. — One to open. One to keep. One to show-off. One to customize. The list could go on. Hehe.

Just Like Bossy Bear

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2009

just like bossy bear book

Alright! The new Bossy Bear book is officially out! I want my copy NOW! Hehehe.

Available at you favorite books and specialty shops. Be sure to get your copy fast. I have a feeling Bossy Bear will be hoarding all of the copies. XP

Just Like Bossy Bear

Saturday, June 28th, 2008

Thought so!

A second Bossy Bear book with the Toothy Turtle! Wow! That Turtle has become really popular. He also has a figure that will soon be released. XD

Anyway, we get to see once again the adventures and misadventures of the "dynamic duo." The Pretty Ugly world just keeps getting better and better. :D

bossy bear book2

Picture not mine! XP


Sunday, June 15th, 2008



toothy turtle

When? Where? How? @_@

I want!!!