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Spider-Boom Circus Punks

Friday, August 29th, 2008

spiderboom circus punks Here’s another hairy Circus Punks. It’s also 14 inches in height and features our all-time favorite, hungry spider. It’s a bit difficult to display since it takes a lot of space and the height part is quite tricky. I just left mine in the box until I find a suitable shelf space behind glass for it.

Yup, behind glass! To avoid dust and other baddies in the air. Besides, we’re not allowed to leave stuff lying around in our rooms. Even dolls should be stored in shelves and not on the bed. Hehe.

Hmm…maybe I should turn my room into a museum. XD

Giant Pink Spider Boom Plush

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

I got this 16 inch Spider Boom plush a month ago.

The mother of all spiders. She’s really huge and can be used as a pillow! But I’d rather not sleep on her, she’s safely tucked in her ziploc bag to keep the dust and dust mites away. XD

spider boom plush 16-pink_edit


Mount Boomerest

Sunday, July 6th, 2008


Softyboom has reached the top!

After days of hunger, and dangerous slips and falls…this little spider has claimed Wedgehead land. This new found land will now be known as Boom Town! XD

Spider-Boom Baby Ratio

Tuesday, March 4th, 2008

Argh! I still lack 2 little Spider-Boom babies, Cheesy Boom and Biinga Boom. @_@ Each design has a certain ratio and the two pieces I lack seems to be rare.

spider boom

1/30 CherryBoom
1/20 BiingaBoom
1/20 CreamyBoom
1/15 SoftyBoom
1/30 ChocoBoom
1/15 SprinkleBoom
1/30 WhippyBoom
1/15 MelonBoom
1/10 DaisyBoom
1/15 AppleBoom
1/30 CheesyBoom
2/15 Chef SpiderBoom

I already got the ultra rare ones though. (these are not pictured on the box)

1/60 Black Clear Chef SpiderBoom
1/15 Flock Chef SpiderBoom
1/60 Glow In Dark Chef SpiderBoom

To open or not to open more boxes? That is the question.

Spider Rug

Tuesday, November 13th, 2007

It’s not only in toys, shirts or books that you’ll see their Ugly faces, but in household items as well.  Ugliness has started to over-run not just your display and book shelves but other parts of your homes as well, starting with this rug.


Forget about Spider-man related merchandise. Get this instead! Featuring Sun-min Kim’s lovable spider, Spider-Boom, this rug is must have item in your homes. Use it as a welcome mat, bedroom or bathroom rug. This item can also scare, amuse, annoy, etc.


Spider Baby Boom

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Spider-Boom has eaten a lot of sweets and is about to give birth again. This is how her children will look like. Adorable! Cute Cheesy Boom and Melon Boom. XD


boxbox Sun-min Kim’s original character is about to hit the Blind Box collectible industry. This will be her first solo plastic toy design. Check out the prototype packaging, it looks like a house with a roof.

Spider-Boom will soon be a proud mother.

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Spider-Boom in Full Bloom

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

boom97 Sun-min Kim’s first solo project…Spider-Boom!

Spider-Boom is the spider of all spiders…she becomes pregnant at the drop of a cake. When Spider-Boom eats something, out pops a baby with that food on top of it’s head. Eat some cherry cake? Have a Cherry Boom baby. Eat a choco-pie? Have a Choco Boom baby!

spider boom

Really cute but also really ugly!!! Spider-Boom loves cake and needs a shave. It’s as huggable as a bug-eyed arachnid can get!

Watch out! Spider-Boom loves to eat, so there will be more Baby-Booms on the way!

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