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Thursday, July 17th, 2008

uverchan03 UVERchan is a mysterious creature that David Horvath created. UVERchan is the invisible 6th member of the Japanese band, UVERworld that plays the role of the mascot. It takes the shape of a bear with bat-like black wings so sometimes he/she is called UVERbear. XD

UVERchan has taken a lot of forms and color. He/She has also been made into plushies, cellphone bags, and t-shirt designs.

The merchandise is very rare and exclusive to Japan. Sony protects this character and if you see pictures of the merchandise, they’re usually distorted to protect the exclusivity of the merchandise.

Unfortunately, the manufacturers in China created more of the Japan-exclusive plush dolls and was sold in other countries. So you’ll probably be seeing them in eBay once in awhile.