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Sunday, December 28th, 2008

It’s almost near! I can’t wait to get the set! XD

ugly action figure

Uglydolls action figure this February 2009! Good thing my brother will be in New York that time. He will be able to get me a sealed case! Woooo! Instant set!

I hope there will be no tricky chase to get. I really really want to own all of the designs.

More on Uglydolls Blind Box Figure

Friday, July 25th, 2008

Here’s some information on the Uglydolls Blind Box Figure. I’m quoting this from David’s blog:

"We’re doing blind because if you label them, the peg warmers add up and shops only reorder 3x. They will need to move the 30 red Wages before they order again. These guys are all one per case, so if you want to "collect them all" one case gets you one of each, and we’ll be selling cases online. No doubles in a case. Hope that helps. No release date yet. Price will be around $8.00"

One case gets to complete them ALL? O_o Or there’s a really super rare chase out there that will only appear every certain number of boxes? Like a spotted Icebat with a ratio of 1:1000? XP

Uglydolls Action Figure

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

WHAT?! These are supposed to blind boxes, right?


They’re like baby version of the vinyls, but not quite. Hehe. Instead of having neck articulations, the small ones have them on the waist. Really amusing! XD

OK, here are some pics…I got these from David Horvath’s blog. Not mine…these are owned by him. XD Gosh! Bossy Bear will surely scream at me. Hehe.

ugly blind

ugly blind2

Release date is still unknown. Time for me to save up. I want a case or two or three maybe! Mwahahaha! Weeeee~!


Wednesday, October 3rd, 2007

From Ugly Doll creator David Horvath…


Noupa is a sanitation pilot (garbage man) and a pretty good one too! He spends his days and nights keeping the streets clean with the noupa_lghelp of his robot backpack…and best buddy…Gel. Noupa and Gel keep the streets of their city clean and safe by picking up all the junk you throw on the ground. Noupa also has a message for you… Never let anyone make you think that putting a microchip into your body is cool…it isn’t cool. Money is nerdy.

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