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Sleepy Chilly Icebat (Regular Color)

Saturday, July 26th, 2008

ICEBAT-SDCC We’ve seen him at the tags of the Uglycon 2007 Sleepy Chilly Icebat plushies. Now he’s finally here! First seen at SDCC 2008, but they’re not really convention exclusives. Even the Kaijus are not exclusive and will be available online for those who weren’t able to attend the convention. 400 pieces of the plush were made. I hope I will be able to get one. Hehe. XD

More on Uglydolls Blind Box Figure

Friday, July 25th, 2008

Here’s some information on the Uglydolls Blind Box Figure. I’m quoting this from David’s blog:

"We’re doing blind because if you label them, the peg warmers add up and shops only reorder 3x. They will need to move the 30 red Wages before they order again. These guys are all one per case, so if you want to "collect them all" one case gets you one of each, and we’ll be selling cases online. No doubles in a case. Hope that helps. No release date yet. Price will be around $8.00"

One case gets to complete them ALL? O_o Or there’s a really super rare chase out there that will only appear every certain number of boxes? Like a spotted Icebat with a ratio of 1:1000? XP

Uglydolls Action Figure

Thursday, July 24th, 2008

WHAT?! These are supposed to blind boxes, right?


They’re like baby version of the vinyls, but not quite. Hehe. Instead of having neck articulations, the small ones have them on the waist. Really amusing! XD

OK, here are some pics…I got these from David Horvath’s blog. Not mine…these are owned by him. XD Gosh! Bossy Bear will surely scream at me. Hehe.

ugly blind

ugly blind2

Release date is still unknown. Time for me to save up. I want a case or two or three maybe! Mwahahaha! Weeeee~!

Giant Pink Spider Boom Plush

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

I got this 16 inch Spider Boom plush a month ago.

The mother of all spiders. She’s really huge and can be used as a pillow! But I’d rather not sleep on her, she’s safely tucked in her ziploc bag to keep the dust and dust mites away. XD

spider boom plush 16-pink_edit


My Preciousssss~

Friday, July 18th, 2008

David Horvath’s crazy 2-Faced S2 Dunny series has finally been completed! Compared to other Dunnys, this is a unique set — turn the head around 180 degrees and transform them from cute to freaky~


dunny - 2faced series - normal_edit


dunny - 2faced series - freaky_edit


Thursday, July 17th, 2008

uverchan03 UVERchan is a mysterious creature that David Horvath created. UVERchan is the invisible 6th member of the Japanese band, UVERworld that plays the role of the mascot. It takes the shape of a bear with bat-like black wings so sometimes he/she is called UVERbear. XD

UVERchan has taken a lot of forms and color. He/She has also been made into plushies, cellphone bags, and t-shirt designs.

The merchandise is very rare and exclusive to Japan. Sony protects this character and if you see pictures of the merchandise, they’re usually distorted to protect the exclusivity of the merchandise.

Unfortunately, the manufacturers in China created more of the Japan-exclusive plush dolls and was sold in other countries. So you’ll probably be seeing them in eBay once in awhile.

Uglydoll Calendar

Friday, July 11th, 2008

The long wait is over! The Uglydolls will now accompany you in your day to day life with this calendar! Let the Uglies help you with your schedules and appointments. Hehehehehe! XP

Available starting July 30, 2008!

Ugly days are here~!

ugly calendar

Mount Boomerest

Sunday, July 6th, 2008


Softyboom has reached the top!

After days of hunger, and dangerous slips and falls…this little spider has claimed Wedgehead land. This new found land will now be known as Boom Town! XD

Uglydolls SDCC 2008 Exclusive

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

San Diego Comic Convention is right around the corner and the event will not be complete if there are not any Uglydolls for sale. Don’t worry, there will be event exclusive figures looking for a good home. Here’s what they were allowed to reveal:

Haunted Babo Kaiju (50 pcs made but 40 pcs for sale)
Solid Green Wage Kaiju (50 pcs made, 40 for sale)
Solid Orange Wage Kaiju (100 pcs made, 85 for sale)

Hmm…does that mean there are more secret figures and goodies? Those who will be attending are very lucky indeed! I hope I can get to own some of these toys eventually. XD

Ugly Rainbow

Friday, July 4th, 2008

ugly rainbow

WOW! Such a wonderful sight! I wish I have personally seen this. This was probably taken at one of those big Toy Conventions. I actually envy those who can attend the world’s finest Toy Conventions. Hehe. One of these days~!

I want to take them all home! XD