Pretty Ugly
Ugly Is In!!!


Uglydog is the ultimate pet! He may look strange but he’s very loyal and will always stay by you. He looks up to you so be a good role model. His ultimate dream is to be just like you!

“He helps Jeero operate the rope tow and helps OX help himself to different types of snack foods.

He thinks you could use some help. Isn’t that sweet? Bowow? Uglydog is the ultimate pet too.

He won’t fetch the paper for you, but he’ll make your day feel like a front-page story!

Uglydog doesn’t really like to sit or fetch or roll over and all that stuff.

Beg? No thanks. What he really likes to do is stand on his tail and live out his big dream…to be just like you!!!

Except for the waking up early part.”

2 Responses to “Uglydog”

  1. Mr. Rock Out Says:

    that’s ugly. :D

  2. asiankitty8599 Says:

    i don’t think its ugly i think its nice with out 3 eyes their though…i like it with two eyes though like regular dogs

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