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Cinko (Teal version)

Teal mayhem once again! I don’t know what’s so special with this color, it’s probably the favorite of David Horvath and Sun Min Kim. 

cinko teal The original Cinko is green-brownish in color so this is an extremely rare color variation of the said Ugly. Like the Teal version of Wage, this Uglydoll Cinko was originally made for the Andrewshire Gallery. Only 10 of these hand made Uglydoll Cinko exist in this color. This plush doll is hand made by Sun Min Kim herself. This was one of the early Uglydoll shows and all the Uglydolls were created in Teal for this special occasion. These hand made Uglydolls are getting impossible to find!

cinko teal back This doll can be bought at around USD$500 and some pieces are even signed by David Horvath and Sun Min Kim at the back. This makes the doll more appealing and rare for collectors





4 Responses to “Cinko (Teal version)”

  1. Says:

    Ugly color O_O

  2. Cookie Says:

    Looks like an octopus with 2 tentacles and legs. :D

  3. Says:

    …. hahaha. i think it’s not really glorious

  4. KT Sanctuary Says:

    Cookie’s right, it’s got those suction thingies too haha :P teal hmm

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