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Uglydoll Yeti

ugly gamma go rare

This is the elusive Uglydoll Hand Made Yeti. This Uglydoll was done by David Horvath and Sun Min Kim for Gamma Go. The piece originally sold with a print by Tim Biskup. This is undoubtedly one of the most sought after and recognized Uglydoll versions.

This Uglydoll Yeti is hand made by Sun Min Kim herself. The edition was limited to only 50 pieces and sold out immediately. It is also hand signed on the back of the card by Sun Min and David Horvath.

I saw this very special doll being sold for USD$1,500!!! Whoa! All that for a plush doll! Very rare and very pricey indeed. Hehe.

Forget about pink cat collectibles, start collecting the Ugly way! Who knows, you might become the lucky owner of something this rare and valuable.


3 Responses to “Uglydoll Yeti”

  1. Cookie Says:

    His arms are long. $1500 o_O

  2. Says:

    T-T So expensive!

  3. Says:

    Someone already bought the $1500 plush doll!!!

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