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Ugly Is In!!!

Don’t Do This in the Office


The Ugly Dolls are up to their old tricks again. They saw a machine that can copy paper and they thought they can use it to increase their number. More Uglies, more snacks. So if you see a weird, flat and not-so-ugly looking Ugly Doll walking down the street, that’s just one of the copies.

Shameless plug: Buy the original! Don’t buy copies. (You can’t copy true Ugliness…)


5 Responses to “Don’t Do This in the Office”

  1. Cookie Says:

    I want to try that also. lol

  2. Says:

    Are you Ugly? Hehe.

  3. typecats Says:

    ugliness is god-given, sadly

  4. Says:

    You can’t copy ugliness

    HAHA! they’re sorta pretty in ugly way xD but cute!

  5. Says:

    They’re ugliness is so adorable!

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