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Life Size Bossy Bear! Mine!

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

big bossy


It’s the 12 inch tall Bossy Bear! Yup, that’s his actual height. The bigger, the more bossy.

Be sure to make room in your display cabinet for him since he will claim that spot soon. Once he points to that spot and screams, “Mine!” you can’t say no. Hehe.


How to Draw Ugly Dolls

Tuesday, October 30th, 2007

how to draw Watch out, art world, the Ugly Dolls are on a mission.

Yes, that’s right, a mission—the kind where somebody could get hurt.
(Not really, but that made it sound important.)

Their mission? To teach the world how to make uglier drawings. Wannabe artists can start off on the right foot by following the simple step-by-step examples. Or they can scrap the steps and just draw the Ugly Dolls their own way. (There is no “wrong foot”; all feet are ugly!)

how to draw pageThey can even read the book, look at the ugly pictures, and give the Ugly Dolls some treats. Sweet! See? It works out for everybody.

Ugly is a beautiful thing.



Halloween Icebat

Wednesday, October 24th, 2007

halloween icebat This special edition Icebat was released last year for the cavity-inducing holiday.

A collaboration between Super7 and Ugly Doll creators David Horvath and Sun-min Kim, the Halloween Icebat has his costume cape on, and is ready to trick-or-treat. (What more of a costume do you need if you are already a bat?) Anyone with a candy stash had better watch out, as this bat has a sweet tooth and the cavities to prove it.

Limited to only 75 pieces, this exclusive doll was released last year, October 28, 2006.



Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007

icebat 14 This Ugly Doll is as cool as ice.

“Ice Bat, comes from an Ice Cave and loves hiding inside Ice Chests. Everything he touches turns to Ice yet profoundly he warms your heart.

Ice Bat thinks you are cool and he wants to chill with you. He wants to hang out with you…or just hang upside-down, if that’s OK with you!

Ice Bat is there for you when you feel like you may be loosing your cool, or feeling like a fool. Don’t panic! Don’t stress! Grab Ice Bat and put him to the test.”


Eggdrop Ajaja

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

eggdrop Here he comes to save the day! Eggdrop Ajaja is the only Dunny that can save us all from Little Inky. Eggdrop reversed the 2-face process that Little Inky casts onto poor little Dunnys. If you want yours to be saved, you need to get Eggdrops help now!

This limited edition green Ajaja is 8 inches tall and  vinyl in material. Only 2000 pieces produced. Incredible artwork by David Horvath of Ugly Doll fame. Way Cool!


Little Bony

Wednesday, October 17th, 2007

little_bony Little Bony appears in the Japanese kid-oriented show about bodies and movement entitled Karada de Asobo.

Initially, since the show was targeted for kids, the product licensing was severely curtailed. The only product that was released was a limited-run Little Bony vinyl figure for US collectors. That was then…now…they got plush dolls! A Little Bony book was also released.

little bonies

Alongside merchandising, Sony teamed Little Bony up with four members of AKB48 [Akihabara48], a teeny-bopper girl band army with, I guess, 48 members, to sing “Hone Hone Waltz,” (pronounce: “ho-neh”, means ‘bone’) which is a saccharine ode to our glorious skeletons.



Tuesday, October 16th, 2007

toodee 14 Cutie! A purple Ugly Doll who likes grape juice. XD

“TooDee is curious about everything. If he had a nose, it would be in everything.

What’s this? What’s that? TooDee’s questions drive Jeero up the wall. We all know how much Jeero loves questions.

So TooDee is going to be looking to you for all the answers.When you’re pretending to have them all, be sure to keep a straight face and look TooDee right in the eyes… or at his three front teeth.

Oh and TooDee likes Grape Drink. No question about that. (He’s purple.) “



Wednesday, October 10th, 2007



Read my post. Now!

I love Bossy Bear so much. He’s the wonderfully egoistic blue creation of David Horvath.

My brother even got me the picture book. It has a funny story with a lesson in the end. (You don’t have to be bossy.) XD

I didn’t know that his figures had 4 different eye-variants. Lucky for those who got all four. In a case of 12 figures, there are only 3 variants (one for each unique position) and all the rest are Bossy Bear with centered eyes. Hehe.

I don’t mind if I get the common one. He’s still mine! XD

I think there will be a bigger Bossy Bear figure arriving. The bigger, the more bossy.


You Are Constantly Being Watched

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Awww…this is an adorable Flatwoods Monster / Mothman figure set. Is it just the lighting or they really glow in the dark? Hehe.

glooow Wow! It’ll be awesome if they both glow in the dark. Display them on your desk or glass cabinet and when bedtime comes they’ll watch over you. Let their eerie glow send you to Dreamland*.

*gasp* Just don’t let them shock you if you suddenly wake up in the middle of the night and see those big, glowing eyes staring at you. Don’t worry, they are as shocked as you are. 

*Dreamland (May mean the world of dreams, but for UFO and alien enthusiasts, this could mean the location: 90 miles north-northwest of Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Dreamland consisting of Area 51 and Groom Lake, as well as the site S-4 and Papoose Lake is about 20 square miles.)


Welcome to Ugly Town

Monday, October 8th, 2007


Welcome to Ugly Town where everything Ugly is nice. Be sure to secure your snack bags, there are a lot of naughty Uglies around.

Don’t forget to visit the Ugly sights, shops and restaurants. Don’t be surprised if an Uglyworm is following you around, he thinks you got the power he’s been looking for. If you visit the supermarket, don’t forget to greet Wage, he’s always there to help you out. Yes you, the human! Check out the school, too and maybe you can help Babo explain to the teacher that 2+2=Cookie. Wedgehead must be in the park practicing some headstands. While, Deer Ugly’s in the Ugly forest, admiring the scenery. Finally, Target is in the most crowded area of town because he just got Jeero and Bop n’ Beep into some trouble.  

Explore this wonderful town and their loving residents. But be prepared, some Uglies might want to go with you when you get back home. They’re curious about humans, especially about the snacks you eat and would like to live with you.