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Spider Baby Boom

Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Spider-Boom has eaten a lot of sweets and is about to give birth again. This is how her children will look like. Adorable! Cute Cheesy Boom and Melon Boom. XD


boxbox Sun-min Kim’s original character is about to hit the Blind Box collectible industry. This will be her first solo plastic toy design. Check out the prototype packaging, it looks like a house with a roof.

Spider-Boom will soon be a proud mother.

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Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

jeero 14 Here’s an adorable Ugly Doll. He was my first Ugly Doll ever. Given by my brother early this year.

I present to you Jeero! Please don’t scare him.

“Jeero wants to hang out with you. Why? He needs you.  He thinks life is so complicated, so he needs you to comfort him.

Wage and Babo ask him so many questions, and he isn’t sure what makes them think he has any of the answers. Maybe they think his red nose means he’s Jeero the wise. Well he’s not! What time is it? Jeero has no idea.

How do you get from here to there? Don’t ask…Jeero doesn’t know! He just wants to sit on the couch with you and eat some snacks. Is that too much to ask? Jeero doesn’t know, but he does know that it’s time for you to cancel your plans and hang out with the Ugly dolls.” 


Spider-Boom in Full Bloom

Tuesday, September 25th, 2007

boom97 Sun-min Kim’s first solo project…Spider-Boom!

Spider-Boom is the spider of all spiders…she becomes pregnant at the drop of a cake. When Spider-Boom eats something, out pops a baby with that food on top of it’s head. Eat some cherry cake? Have a Cherry Boom baby. Eat a choco-pie? Have a Choco Boom baby!

spider boom

Really cute but also really ugly!!! Spider-Boom loves cake and needs a shave. It’s as huggable as a bug-eyed arachnid can get!

Watch out! Spider-Boom loves to eat, so there will be more Baby-Booms on the way!

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Target in Sight

Monday, September 24th, 2007

AHHHhhhh! They have invaded!

Do you remember that the Uglies had a secret mission? They seem to have succeeded with their reconnaissance and decided to execute their plan of attack.

Being the oldest and wisest among the Uglies, they chose Target to do the sneak “snack” attack.

Based on a survivor’s photo report, Target has a special ability. See for yourself and be amazed at what he can do!

ugly invasion

Don’t want this to happen to your home? Remember to always lock your snacks away.

(Photo by revlimit)

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Mission Impossible?

Thursday, September 20th, 2007

Watch out! The Ugly Dolls are on a secret mission and they’re out to get your snacks. They have devised a plan to infiltrate your kitchen.

sm babo 14Wage, Babo, and the Uglydolls decide to go on a sort of Ninja type mystery adventure…a sort of quest.

The mission?

sm wage 14You know the cookies and snack foods you’ve been munching on? Yeah they want some of those. Or more than just some. Probably all.

Wage is after anything with tons of carbs. Bread and butter.  Cookies and milk. Does chocolate have carbs? What’s a carb anyway?


Ugly Dolls Infection

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007


How did Ugly Dolls begin? I encountered them way back in 2003 when I was leafing a copy of Previews magazine. They’re pricey for plush dolls, but I was still drawn to them because of the amusing description of each character and how they look.

jeeroMy first Ugly Doll was Jeero and eventually they increased in number every time my brother leaves the country. Now, I’m collecting other toys designed by David Horvath and other artist designs that catches my attention.

Here’s how the lovable Ugly Dolls started:

Back in 2001, Sun-Min Kim forever changed the course of history when she sent her then long-distance boyfriend, David Horvath, a hand-sewn plush doll modeled after a little character he frequently doodled into the corners of his correspondence with her. The apron-wearing little fellow was named Wage, and he was the very first Ugly doll. Eventually, Sun-Min would bring to life even more of David’s drawings, and what began as a huggable love-letter of sorts would result in a hugely successful line of plush dolls.

bottlecaps2 David’s infectious character design has since been translated into several other mediums – from collectible vinyl figures and an upcoming video game release for Sony’s PlayStation 3, to an animated children’s TV program in Japan and an Ugly dolls-themed show currently in production for the US. His insistence upon creative control over these projects has set new standards for creator’s rights, and he has meticulously worked to insure the quality of the products associated with his design. And, as discovered, he’s a hell of a nice guy whose greatest professional joy thus far has been spotting one of his Ugly dolls in the hands of a five-year old girl.

Ugly Game

Tuesday, September 18th, 2007

Memory game ala Ugly! Hehe.

ugly card game

“The Awfully Fast, Awfully Fun Card Game

Join OX, Wedgehead and the rest of the Uglydolls in their first ever fast-action card game. Turn over cards until you spot three matching Uglys. Then race like an Ice-Bat out of Heck to grab a match before they all get snatched.

Claim the most cards and you claim the game. Winning isn’t always pretty, but it’s always fun!”

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They Walk Among Us!

Wednesday, September 12th, 2007

Still skeptical about the existence of Uglies?

Here some shots from an eyewitness who wants to remain anonymous.

Oh my! Ox and Wedgehead decided to take a walk around town. They were curious about the human world and took a tour on their own. I hope they didn’t get into trouble, they seem lost and confused.

wearable uglies 2

wearable uglies 3

wearable uglies 4

Ugly Guide

Tuesday, September 11th, 2007

worm resto Uglyyyyyy! Lol! I can’t wait for this guide book. It will be out April 22, 2008. Ugly cover art is yet to be revealed, so watch out!

This is what Amazon has to say about this upcoming book:

“The Uglydolls have taken our world by storm with their adorable uglyness and hilarious personalities. And now, Uglydoll lovers everywhere can get their first-ever glimpse into the mysteries of the Uglyverse! Join Wage, Babo, and the rest of the Uglydolls’ quirky characters on a tour of Ugly Town. In Ugly Guide to the Uglyverse, you’ll dine in Ugly Town’s fine (and not-so-fine) restaurants, go on a tour of the Ugly History Museum, check in to the Ugly Hospital, vacation at the Ugly Beach, and learn even more about Ugly Town and the Uglydolls themselves, including what Jeero really does all day and what Big Toe wants to be when he grows up. Ugly Guide to the Uglyverse is a must-have for Uglydoll fans everywhere!”

wedge phone “It’s ugly out there! And to get around in such an Ugly world, you need a pretty Ugly vehicle. Sometimes it will go and sometimes it won’t, but that’s okay . . . because it’s Ugly! This guide to Ugly vehicles will give you the first-ever look at Babo’s Cookie Cruiser, Pony Ride 2000, Treading-Water Capris, Ox’s Coin Purse Mobile, Sailor Babo’s S.S. Uh-oh, and more. So pay close attention and watch out! Because if you ever happen to see an Ugly vehicle on the road, you’ll want to stay far, far away.”



Monday, September 10th, 2007

target 14 He’s the oldest of the group. They say that his tentacles are the sign of his age. I think he’s also the richest because he’s the one always bailing the Uglies when they’re in trouble.

“Target is the oldest and the wisest of the Uglydolls.

He is also the hairiest.

The other Uglydolls are a bit scared of Target’s body hair, and wonder why he has so many arms. But they come running to Target when there are questions to be answered.

Old age may bring Uglydolls extra arms and whiskers, but it also brings wisdom and foresight.

Target is often bailing the other Uglydolls out of trouble and getting them into more sophisticated forms of mischief.”