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Thoughts on Writing

I was actually writing an entry on men’s fashion but I just had to stop and write about what has been on my mind since I read Steffi’s entry about English and writing.

I was a bit surprised that someone who is 10 times better than me at writing would write about not being very good at English. I mean, call me self-centered but I immediately thought “Okay… so I guess this makes me the world’s crappiest writer?” LOL. Then WHJ, wrote a lengthy reply about the basics of good writing, writing style and such, and then I realized, though I’m starting to love writing, I really don’t put much thought into making a good article/blog entry. I just write whatever pops into my head. I rarely even proof-read! I’ve got all the basics of bad writing down pat!

It’s kind of embarrassing because my two sisters are very good writers. My older sister was the Editor-in-Chief of our high school newspaper (and even got an award for excellence in leadership and journalism), while my younger sister is a contributing writer for a gaming magazine. My cousins are super writers too. One would assume that I have the writer gene in my body, but I really don’t.

In elementary, I remember getting whacked on the hand with a ruler by my Reading teacher because I didn’t do my homework. In high-school, I joined the school newspaper but never got around to making any articles. In college, I HATED writing papers even though I had to write at least one every month. That gene eluded me. It knew that it wouldn’t develop to its fullest potential in me. :p

I think the reason why I love writing now is because I don’t have to follow any rules. I don’t have to read my entry three times before I publish it. I don’t have to worry about other people putting red marks on it. I don’t see other people reading it. I don’t feel the judgements being passed. Plus, I can write about whatever I want. Most importantly, as I write entries and read other peoples’, I think I’m learning (albeit slowly) how to write, uhm, decently.

I’d like to think I’ll get better at this someday. However until that day comes, I would like to apologize to the readers who have read or are reading my blog… Sorry for all the wishy-washy and incoherent paragraphs. heehee! A BIG THANK YOU AND A HUG to the same lot, who have continued reading and commenting despite the incoherence.

Shout-out to Steffi, who wrote the article from which a flood of realizations came (and again, your English is really very good!), and WHJ and iheartbadtz for those comments in Steffi’s blog that helped me out a lot as well! :D

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  1. Says:

    why are my posts not appearing?? grrr…

  2. Says:

    anyway, your writing is good kaya! Me, with all honesty, wrting is my waterloo! I don’t think i’ll ever improve haha. We had a journalism subject way back HS and I HATED every minute of it (and the teacher too). If ever I will contribute something to a newspaper, maybe I can do some photos or moral support na lng.. hahahaha

  3. White-haired Journalist Says:

    Hey polka polka!

    Don’t be too hard on yourself girl! We all have specialties in this life. That’s why I hate it when people say to another “you DON’T know that?” It’s like telling an Italian Chef “You don’t know how what calculus is?” What if the chef tells the math teacher “Show me your best Pesto…Oh wait…can you even spell Pesto?!”

    Btw, your writing is pretty coherent. That goes with Steffi too. I think you guys are gonna be excellent writers if you really wanna. After all, you guys love reading. :) And I think your idea of writing is really neat; having your own style when blogging is really, really important. After all, you’re not writing for a newspaper. :)

  4. iheartbadtz Says:

    My reaction to this is the same as to when I read Steffi’s entry: WTH?! (And no, I’m not poking fun at WHJ :p) Your entries are nice! They’re funny and interesting to read.

    About that thing about writing teachers, bah.:P I’ve had a lot (from English teachers to those who are bona fide writers) and I’ve brought about different reactions from them. Some love my stuff, others not so much. Bottom line is, we can’t please everybody.XD As long as you like what you’re doing (and I know I love writing), anything they say shouldn’t affect us negatively.

    Take this from someone who’s her own worst critic.XD

  5. Says:

    actually, blogging’s a good thing. fun writing, and it keeps you practicing.

  6. Says:

    I think your English is good :) So no need to whack yourself!

  7. Says:

    Btw, yeah. Blogging is a good thing. My english prof told us that he noticed that those of his students who blog write better compositions.

  8. Says:

    Hi… yes, I know things will be better!!!!

  9. Says:

    DLH: aww thanks! :D

    WHJ: coming from a professional writer, that means A LOT. Really :D I think I’ve come to terms with my inability to write well, haha! I also hate people who think so highly of their chosen profession/specialty that they belittle others’! Ayayay, I remember when I was in college and hanging out with some of my sisters’ Chemistry blockmates. They used to poke fun at other science majors (especially Biology and BS Psych majors) for being “dumb” in chemistry. Boo.

    iheartbadtz: yeah, that’s true. I guess I should be applying my “don’t care” attitude in fashion to writing. I do get what you mean about being your own worst critic. Don’t you just hate it when you ask other people for feedback and they say it’s good but you see so many flaws that you have to ask again… and they kind of get annoyed at you and you feel so bad about annoying other people? Or… is it just me? hahaha!

    speedy3223: It is VERY good practice… and I’ve learned to embrace writing because of it.

    Tiffy: hahaha! I think know very well how I constantly put so much pressure on myself! :p

    loira_suu: Sooner rather than later, i hope!! :D

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