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Luisms and Annik-dotes

I have 3 pamangkins that I live with at home - 1 nephew, Luis (the one I bragged about in my last post, teeheehee), and 2 nieces, Annika (4 y.o.) and Mika (2 y.o.).  Trust me, you wouldn’t want to be alone with these three kids when they’re all hyper because you will find yourself confused about who to listen to.  They will just talk, talk, talk, nonstop, and call your attention all at the same time!

My cousin (their mom), my sister, and I always joke about starting a journal documenting all the funny, witty, and interesting things that they say and do but never got around to actually making one.  Since I’ve already started talking about them (and I really can’t stop now, sorry!), I think this might be a good place to start this mini-project :)

There are only two for now, Luisms and Annik-dotes,  because I can’t think of a title for Mika. haha! :D (Help me think of one?)

To start off, a Luism:

Mommy: Luis, get out of the pool na.

Luis: *not listening, still swimming*

Daddy: Luis, get out of the pool na, let’s come back next time.

Luis: *in an obviously irritated and frustrated tone* Next time?!?! When?? When I’m dead??

Mommy and Daddy: WHAT DID YOU SAY, ANAK (Child)?? 

Auntie Denise: what, what, what? *jaw drops*

13 Responses to “Luisms and Annik-dotes”

  1. Says:

    HAHA! Hey, I think all the great swimmers started off like that!

  2. Says:

    Kids are like that, he he he he! Me thinks he might be a great Philospher or Trial Lawyer, ha ha ha ha! Hope to read more of the “Inisms” of your pamangkins (nephew and niece).

    Cheers! ^_^

  3. Says:

    Whoa! Such strong words! XP

  4. White-haired Journalist Says:

    Luis: *in an obviously irritated and frustrated tone* Next time?!?! When?? When I’m dead??

    WHJ: Dead…? Hmm…Who told you the concept of being dead?

    Luis: Someone.

    WHJ: Define dead.

    Luis: Someone who doesn’t move or speak?

    WHJ: That’s right. But do you know why people die?

    Luis: When someone kills them?

    WHJ: Correct. What else?

    Luis: Of old age?

    WHJ: True. So when you say we return when you’re dead, do you think we’ll comeback after a 7 decades? How old are you, child?


    WHJ: You’re too young to speak such words. Only hopeless penguins like ihearbadtz talk like that. See? You’ll make your mom and dad sad. :(

    Luis: :(

    WHJ: :)

    Luis: :)

    WHJ: Now lets go, let me show you how to be a true Samurai like uncle WHJ.

    Luis: …

    WHJ: …

    Luis: …

    WHJ: What?

    Luis: Who are you?

    WHJ: Oh just some Teleported Samurai.

    Luis: Cool.

    WHJ: I know.

    Lol hahahaha. The conversation ended in nonsense. Hello Polka! From now on, I’ll call you Polka. :D

  5. Says:

    “Only hopeless penguins like ihearbadtz talk like that.”

    Awww your poor bird is going to cry…

  6. Says:

    ting: all great smart-a$$ swimmers. hahaha!

    WHJ: hahahah! Hmm… I never thought to teach Luis the ways of a teleported Samurai, i’ll ask my cousins if they;ll let Luis live with you for a month ;) Teach him to despise penguins? :D

    arashi_badtz: Yeah!! I think he will make a killing out of being a lawyer. haha!

    fairlady-z: hahaha! jaw-dropping, innit? :-O

  7. iheartbadtz Says:

    Why does WHJ seem to involve me? Rawr. If I really were a bird, I would peck at him.XD

    Anyway, your nephew’s O_O.

  8. White-haired Journalist Says:

    LOL hahaha yup! Let him live for me in a month and he returns to your home wearing a Kimono and a sword on his waist. XD

  9. White-haired Journalist Says:

    hey iheartbadtz! u know why? cause u were gone missing and I’ve missed you, ya short penguin! XD

  10. Says:

    WHJ: carrying a helpless little penguin? :D

  11. iheartbadtz Says:

    Gee, thanks, WHJ. I feel so touched.:P

    But yeah, polkadotrn, I think he could carry me, because I’m not the biggest person in the world.o_o

    Urm, for Mika, how about… Mika-nisms. I’m so corny.:P

  12. Says:

    @iheartbadtz: Mika-nisms cool!

  13. Says:

    iheartbadtz: It’s not cornyyy! Me likey and Me use-y (?) hehe! And isn’t the thought of WHJ lugging you around kinda scary? :D

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