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After being a bum for so long…

… I finally got to exercise a few muscles and sweat under the sun.

After ranting for a good two months about my application at a certain hospital, they finally sent me a text message last Friday asking me to come in for my physical exam yesterday (Monday). Off I went, expecting to be done before lunchtime, after all, how long can a simple chest x-ray, blood extraction, and specimen collection, take? But no. Oh no, no, no. Things should be far more difficult and complicated. After going to and from 3 separate buildings, having all the paperwork and fees taken care of, waiting for people to do their jobs, I accomplished almost everything at 4 pm, all ready to lay on the cold cement and sleep right then and there. I hadn’t slept the night before because my sleep-wake pattern is in a different time zone.

Today was no different. Still with not much sleep, still had to go back and forth… fixing, submitting, a seemingly endless number of paperwork.

GAH. I’m just about ready to crash as I’m typing this…

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Update: I got in! :p I feel bad for those who got eliminated because of some *very* minor health problems. One very intelligent girl was deemed “unfit to work” because of mild asthma, one has her clearance on hold because of a slightly above normal platelet count… I thought I wouldn’t get in because they had me repeat my chest x-ray. Anyhoo I’m so excited! :) Thanks to everyone who sent congratulatory messages! *hugs*

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  1. Says:

    wow! congratulations! SLMC called you at last! :) hehehe i’m so excited for you. Huuraaayyy!! (blowout?)

  2. iheartbadtz Says:


    Cute picture, btw.

  3. Says:


  4. Says:

    Cool! I am happy for you, Denise!

  5. Says:

    haha that’s just sooo cute!

    Congrats to you and good luck!

    But don’t forget to update your blog! =)

  6. Says:

    Thank you so much, everyone!! *hugs all around! :D

    That kid in the photo took all the stress away! heehee!

  7. Says:

    Congrats dear!!!! You is a working RN now!!! My turn to hog the house resources >:)

  8. Says:

    this is TOO cute!!!

    congratulations too!

  9. Says:

    queen_neferkitty: Wait, does it make a difference whether I’m at home or not? You’re already hogging all house resources. tsk! :p

    yadayadayada: hahaha the baby’s really cute no? Maybe she was up all night crying or something. :p

  10. Cookie Says:

    Congratulations!!!! Cute picture.

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