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Weekend with my Cousins!

I had the most fabulous weekend because I got to spend it with my darling cousins (the usual suspects minus Lu Jean who decided that work was more important than us. BOO!).

Friday: Learned how to throw a frisbee the non-loser way with Tippi, superbong, Justin, Adi, and Tin!

Friday Night - Sunday: 2 nights and 2 days of KTV, Mario Party, and shopping fun with Tippi, Justin, Jen, Adi, and Jao.

Had fun! Let’s do this again, okay? (No rigorous activity next time, please! Anyone up for a board game day/night? With our usual “punishment“, of Kool-Aid Kick course. hehe!)

4 Responses to “Weekend with my Cousins!”

  1. superbong Says:

    count me in! ;)

  2. Says:

    heheh! Of course!

  3. luj Says:

    excusez-moi mademoiselle but i actually HAD to work. didn’t know naman na natuloy kayo noh. plus no one ever wants to go KTV when i’m around, so why spoil your fun? hahahahahaha

  4. Says:

    trudat, luj. Because KTV is the only chance for tone-deaf singers like me to shine! Its definitely not a place for you. hehe :D

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