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my Hello Kitty stuff hihi

here are some of my favorite things:


How is everybody in HKO land? :)

where is everyone? i’ve been playing HKO Philippines with Sassytet and elaine.. we are in a guild called the ppink sanrio guild.. elaine created it, woooh awesome!! so how is everybody?? and what versions are you playing? i miss the HKO founders guild badly :( take care everyone!! xoxo

working at tet's farm

Special Thanks

A heartfelt thank you to all the people i met in Sanrio Land ^^

PrincessAi- the first person I met in the game. We share a love for Hello Kitty and Harry Potter. Thanks for all your help and for inviting me to join HKO Founders Guild  .

sweetmia, elaine, sassy- My Pinay girl friends. I love chatting with you girls! See you in open beta!

Vampzzz- Funny you! You make me laugh lol

Kaito- Thanks for being a good guild leader!

Rinsama- Thank you for that wonderful guide you put up on your blog. I’d be lost without it.

To justita, nekojira, belkana, leillu, jamjam, serenity, kenman, saros, kellie, iheartbadtz, the people who made guild chat busy and to all my HKO Founder guildies- I heart you all!! ^^ See you soon!!

Also to the_otakutopian and Savyna– people not in the guild but who where nice all the same.

To anyone else I forgot to mention, my apologies and thank you! ^^

**screenie with PrincessAi a few minutes before the game ends


Thank you for playing Hello Kitty Online with me. It really means a lot to me. ^^

HKO Founders.. Sweet Ending

We had our guild’s pictorial just 30 minutes before the Kevent started. Look at us! We are all so organized.  ^^ EngineerRocky and I are standing beside each other in the front row.

The Kevent was a little confusing but it was great coz one of our guildies one– AnegelBaby!!! Congrats ^^

After the Kevent, we went back to London to spend the last few minutes with each other inside the Buckingham Palace. GM Mickey stopped by just before HKO ended.

I had the best experience with you guys!! You have made my HKO experience a memorable one. I got more than what I expected from this game ^^ Again, THAAANKKK YOOOOUUUU!!!!

Pretty Flowers Ready to be Picked

Just a day before Founder’s Beta end, the girls of HKO founders decided to do some sunbathing on the streets of London lol. We sure got a lot of second looks from people passing by.  hehe!  good times ^^  and according to vampzzz, we are pretty flowers lol

3rd and 4th day of FFF

As usual, HKO Founders Guild is still on top!!

And here is the grand total of the cotributions from all the different guilds!! Congrats to all of us for a job well done!

sassy and her mulberry house

With the in-game events done, everybody can now relax and have some fun. Last night, we helped sassy finish her mulberry house..

Blog for Thought

A Date in Paris

EngineerRocky took me on a date to the most romantic city in the world– Paris (HKO Paris, that is lol). We visited all the lovely places in the city. I met him at the bridge and had honey tea at a nearby shop. We talked about all our experiences- from arriving at sanrio harbor to making burry balls for 0-chan in london. Afterwards, he surprised me by taking me to a Hello Kitty show in Lopera de Paris. We also passed by the Pantheon and stopped to admire the scenery at Palaise de Versailles. Before we leave, we decided to go the Musee de Louvre to view the works of famous artists like Leonardo Da Vinci. The city is indeed magical! Thanks for taking me to Paris EngineerRocky! I had the best time!

It was fun staying in Sanrio Land, I can’t wait for open beta!!!

to see the video– click on “view all images”, then click “original view”

sweetmia’s home sweet home

I still can’t build my own farm so i just helped sweetmia with hers. EngineerRocky and Vampzzz came by to help too.. Coolness!!

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