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in-game preview

Character/In-game Name: _Alice_
International (English)
Name of the Pet Created: Wingkie
Brief description of the Pet:  Wingkies are so tiny that you can barely see them. They like to flutter around people’s heads when it’s warm causing a nice cool breeze. When you try to catch one, you should be very gentle, because if you crumple a wing, they can be very mean! With his heart-shaped head, key-shaped body and soft little wings the Wingkie tries to open and to win your heart. Once you’ve gained their trust, they are the most loyal pets of Sanrioland.

My pets are very dear to me. I try to take good care of them, cos it would break my heart to see them crying or unhappy! I’ve created my dreampet with 3ds max and photoshop. It’s a Wingkie, a key with wings, cos it will open even the coldest heart in the world. Here are its specifics:

The image:

Pet card description:

Wingkie stats:


5 Responses to “HKO Offline Event: Draw Your Dream Pet”

  1. Wow! I really wish one pet like that hahaha =D Very nice work!!! I love it =)!!!

  2. What program did you use to make this?? It’s very cool. ^_^

  3. Thank you both!
    @dudette4475: I used 3ds max and photoshop to draw this =)

  4. WOW,you did a great job!!!!your pet is AWESOME :)

  5. Yay congratulations _Alice_ for winning yay!!!!!!

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