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Do you use facebook or twitter? If you do, here are some links to the official pages.

Facebook links:
HKO Application (Tutorial)
HKO North America (NA)
HKO Europe (EU)
HKO Philippines (PH)
HKO Idonesia (ID)
HKO Malaysia & Singapore (SEA) (link provided thanks to azog)

Twitter links:
Hello Kitty
HKO Game
HKO North America (NA)
HKO Europe (EU)
HKO Philippines (PH)
HKO Indonesia (ID)
HKO Malaysia & Singapore (SEA)

If I am missing any official links, please let me know and I will update my post.

Just a quick post about my HK Christmas swag.

I got this cute I Love Nerds tote bag and matching long wallet from my brother

The collection of Pez, pj’s and the umbrella from my sister Amy and her fiance Wes

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a fantastic New Year!

So when I heard that my Dad was going to China and Hong Kong to visit family, I immediately put together a shopping list. Really short list - a Hello Kitty cell phone that I could pop my sim card into it and have it work in North America.  Note that sim cards are for GSM phones so if you have a CDMA phone, you don’t have a sim card and you’re out of luck. :(

With that in mind, I knew it had to be a tri-band phone. My cell phone provider uses network frequencies of 850/1900. You can check the frequencies that your provider uses here.

My list included the Hello Kitty 918, Hello Kitty PDA 318 and the Hello Kitty 668 (which I found from this website). All of the above listed phones were tri-band and therefore would work in North America. I made it absolutely clear that if he couldn’t get any of these phones, then I didn’t want any other. ;x Just thinking of the potential paperweight it would be if it didn’t work lol

I get a phone call and the worst has happened, apparently the phones I listed were too old and that he’s bought me a different one. The seller promised it would work in North America. My Dad came home today and brought my new cell phone. And it…works! I can make calls on it and everything ;x but first I made my Dad change the language settings to English as I can’t read Chinese.

So here it is! It’s really…pink xD I think I would rather have an official white Okiwap Hello Kitty phone but I guess I can’t complain.

Phone Specs:

  • GSM 900/1800/1900 - tri-band
  • Brand/Model: Kisen K3000
  • came out February 2009
  • 5.0 Megapixel camera
  • FM radio
  • touchscreen, built in stylus
  • dual sim card
  • micro SD
  • bluetooth

I wasn’t too familiar with the brand (ok, to be honest, I’ve never heard of it at all) I googled it and I found this website. totobay.com ;x yikes I don’t know if they made spelling mistakes or these are all fake lol (iPhome, nckia or SomyEricssom anyone?). Well actually I know they are all fake but the prices look really reasonable. I might just order a iPhome hahaha.

But in the end, I love my Blackberry too much. So this phone I will only use for show xD

Got my straps from Strapya World along with other stuff that I’ve ordered.

Ordered the black and white strap - aren’t they pretty? Both have the clear/white/pearlish rhinestones. I put the white one onto my pink DS right away. The strap is a good length. It’s not too short and not too long.

I couldn’t resist and couldn’t help ordering these other items.

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