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I’m only 3 months late posting this LOL

When I first logged into the game, I was quite concerned. I was in my underwear o_o Then I remembered that we had a “Everyone in their underwear party” right at the end of Founder’s Beta. *phew*

I must say, the Christmas decorations in each city looked fabulous and definitely got me into the giving mood.

My first step into New York :) New York is so big.

Who can forget the flies and the army of snowmen? I know I can’t xD

So many buildings in New York - Empire, Grand Central, etc

In Founders Reunion - Sanrio introduced the item mall. They were very nice to give each of us some loyalty points to test it out. Also we received so many clothes/accesories just from doing the various quests. Here were some looks that I was rocking lol (excuse the choppiness of the lines - I’m not yet a leet extractor in Photoshop ^_^;;)

Best of all, I got to meet Santa and the big guy himself xD

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