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This time we come to the rescue of Cupid! Err…one of the items he’s lost is his wig rofl

And we participate in another charity event. These charity events are exhausting @_@ I still sometimes dream of lemon pies and oat biscuits. Thanks to Helping Hearts, that changed to picking cotton lol. I lived in those cotton fields everyday ;x along with my fellow cotton pickers like Cookie, miisha, miyabi, otaku, linda and more. We survived and the orphans got their swag :) i love my guild <3

We got new farms - Farm Styles . At first I went with the Air Garden and then I had to upgrade to a Relax Range. I love the Air Garden rocks - everything is in straight lines *has a slight case of OCD*

My favorite memory from Happy Hearts are the pet cards :) I just love it when my pet talks.

I can’t wait till HKO opens up for Open Beta or another event like Easter. Who knows, maybe the Easter rabbit lost his eggs :)

I’m only 3 months late posting this LOL

When I first logged into the game, I was quite concerned. I was in my underwear o_o Then I remembered that we had a “Everyone in their underwear party” right at the end of Founder’s Beta. *phew*

I must say, the Christmas decorations in each city looked fabulous and definitely got me into the giving mood.

My first step into New York :) New York is so big.

Who can forget the flies and the army of snowmen? I know I can’t xD

So many buildings in New York - Empire, Grand Central, etc

In Founders Reunion - Sanrio introduced the item mall. They were very nice to give each of us some loyalty points to test it out. Also we received so many clothes/accesories just from doing the various quests. Here were some looks that I was rocking lol (excuse the choppiness of the lines - I’m not yet a leet extractor in Photoshop ^_^;;)

Best of all, I got to meet Santa and the big guy himself xD

They’ve included different farms for us to test out. Everyone right now has the Initial Ranch.

You’ll need to stop by the Seed Shop to purchase a Farm Certificate.

If you go to the Farm Manager, there is an option to preview the different farms (you will want to click on the icon that has the gift on top of the wagon)

Initial Ranch - cost $5000

Pink Field - cost $5000

Prairie Heights - cos is $5000

Field Style - cost is $10000

Sweet Childhood - cost is $10000

Air Garden - cost is $10000

Countryside Paddy Field - cost is $20000

The Rose of Versailles - cost is $20000

Relax Range - cost is $20000

I tried making a count down timer for the Happy Hearts event…only to realize that I couldn’t as the blog didn’t support flash *cries*

The next best thing till we can play again…drum roll please…Youtube videos!

Just a small selection of videos that we could watch while waiting for the server to open.

Hello Kitty Online Founders’ Beta

Hello Kitty wishes you a Happy New Year (2009)

Hello Kitty Online Game Intro

Hello Kitty Meets MAC

Hello Kitty Online Official Trailer

Hello Kitty & Friends Animation

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