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Do you use facebook or twitter? If you do, here are some links to the official pages.

Facebook links:
HKO Application (Tutorial)
HKO North America (NA)
HKO Europe (EU)
HKO Philippines (PH)
HKO Idonesia (ID)
HKO Malaysia & Singapore (SEA) (link provided thanks to azog)

Twitter links:
Hello Kitty
HKO Game
HKO North America (NA)
HKO Europe (EU)
HKO Philippines (PH)
HKO Indonesia (ID)
HKO Malaysia & Singapore (SEA)

If I am missing any official links, please let me know and I will update my post.

OMG it’s been forever since I’ve last updated :(

So much has changed - it’s been a busy year.

In my personal life:
Work is getting more busy, especially with projects
I just bought a new home - moving in sometime around November 2010 - yay!
Nancy Drew stopped making themes for my BlackBerry Curve in September. I’ve been using one of her last few themes since early this summer. I will get around to posting about it eventually.

What a change! When I first started playing HKO, it was run by Sanrio digital. Now it has been split up. The North America version is run by Aeria Games. There are other versions, see this thread by shesroyaltee for all the details.
I am currently playing the NA and the EU version of HKO, mainly the NA one.
Speaking of which, the more active members of Sailoria/Sailor Scouts have created a new guild called AllStar Scouts. The link to the new forum thread is on the right.

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