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If you are reading this, it can only mean that you want to know more about me. Duh!

For starters, my name is Karen. I am in my early 30’s. I live in Calgary, which is in Canada. I am Chinese, although I don’t speak it as well as I would like to…

I have loved Hello Kitty and Sanrio since…forever. I still remember my first set of Hello Kitty pajamas. In elementary, all the girls tried to borrow my pencils and erasers - mine were Hello Kitty of course.

My friends, family and boyfriend always thought I was a little obsessed over Hello Kitty however I am not compared to some people out there - you know who you are! I am in control - I can resist the urge to buy anything and everything that is Sanrio.

I like to travel - well as much as my budget allows me to. I like music - r&b, rap, pop, adult contemporary, classical, jpop, kpop and cpop. I’m an avid reader…of fantasy and romance novels lol.

My ingame name is Katsuko for Hello Kitty Online.

Here’s a banner for my blog if you want

Pleased to meet you!