So when I heard that my Dad was going to China and Hong Kong to visit family, I immediately put together a shopping list. Really short list - a Hello Kitty cell phone that I could pop my sim card into it and have it work in North America.  Note that sim cards are for GSM phones so if you have a CDMA phone, you don’t have a sim card and you’re out of luck. :(

With that in mind, I knew it had to be a tri-band phone. My cell phone provider uses network frequencies of 850/1900. You can check the frequencies that your provider uses here.

My list included the Hello Kitty 918, Hello Kitty PDA 318 and the Hello Kitty 668 (which I found from this website). All of the above listed phones were tri-band and therefore would work in North America. I made it absolutely clear that if he couldn’t get any of these phones, then I didn’t want any other. ;x Just thinking of the potential paperweight it would be if it didn’t work lol

I get a phone call and the worst has happened, apparently the phones I listed were too old and that he’s bought me a different one. The seller promised it would work in North America. My Dad came home today and brought my new cell phone. And it…works! I can make calls on it and everything ;x but first I made my Dad change the language settings to English as I can’t read Chinese.

So here it is! It’s really…pink xD I think I would rather have an official white Okiwap Hello Kitty phone but I guess I can’t complain.

Phone Specs:

  • GSM 900/1800/1900 - tri-band
  • Brand/Model: Kisen K3000
  • came out February 2009
  • 5.0 Megapixel camera
  • FM radio
  • touchscreen, built in stylus
  • dual sim card
  • micro SD
  • bluetooth

I wasn’t too familiar with the brand (ok, to be honest, I’ve never heard of it at all) I googled it and I found this website. ;x yikes I don’t know if they made spelling mistakes or these are all fake lol (iPhome, nckia or SomyEricssom anyone?). Well actually I know they are all fake but the prices look really reasonable. I might just order a iPhome hahaha.

But in the end, I love my Blackberry too much. So this phone I will only use for show xD

Since Chococat is the NPC to start the chain of quests for Happy Valentine’s, I hereby dedicate this to Choco.

There will be a total of 4 themes ;x so sorry it’ll be a long post.

Chococat Double Zen

Where to get it:
Author: unknown
Style: Double Zen List
Price: Free
Home screen icons customizable? Yes
Font easy to read? Fairly
:( I know I downloaded this theme from last year using an OTA link, however I can not find the original thread. I looked through all 105 pages for it @_@ If you know who the author is and you have a link to the site, please let me know and I will credit the author.

Anyhow the icons are quite nice. It’s obvious that they were created/chosen to fit the theme and the color scheme. It’s a double zen, so there is 2 rows of icons on the home screen. Big props on having the icons customizable and fitting so well with the theme. I found the font to be ok to read but I’m not crazy about the style of it. The color choices fit well together, the green and orange.

Overall score:

Chococat 4.5 Zen

Where to get it: (zip only) - click here
Author: caramiakelly
Style: Zen List
Price: Free
Home screen icons customizable? Yes
Font easy to read? Not really
Very cute wallpaper and comes with stock icons. However the font is terrible. I just don’t really like the scripted fonts. The font for the lock screen…is not the same style of font so it looks kinda weird. The color scheme is nice except for the various shades of pink which don’t go together or blend in with the rest of the colors.

Overall score:

Chococat & Friends

Where to get it: (OTA only) - click here
Author: lalagurl
Style: Zen List
Price: Free
Home screen icons customizable? Yes
Font easy to read? Yes
Stock icons. Color scheme is nice. Font is easy to read. Other than that, there’s nothing outstanding for me.

Overall score:

Chococat Zen 83xx

Where to get it: (OTA only) - click here
Author: ndavis
Style: Zen List
Price: Free
Home screen icons customizable? Yes
Font easy to read? Yes
I almost thought that the Choco heads on the right part of the screen were icons lol. Nice color scheme with the blue and yellow. Font is easy to read. I really like the “profile” icon on the top right hand corner of the home screen.

Overall score:

Got my straps from Strapya World along with other stuff that I’ve ordered.

Ordered the black and white strap - aren’t they pretty? Both have the clear/white/pearlish rhinestones. I put the white one onto my pink DS right away. The strap is a good length. It’s not too short and not too long.

I couldn’t resist and couldn’t help ordering these other items.

They’ve included different farms for us to test out. Everyone right now has the Initial Ranch.

You’ll need to stop by the Seed Shop to purchase a Farm Certificate.

If you go to the Farm Manager, there is an option to preview the different farms (you will want to click on the icon that has the gift on top of the wagon)

Initial Ranch - cost $5000

Pink Field - cost $5000

Prairie Heights - cos is $5000

Field Style - cost is $10000

Sweet Childhood - cost is $10000

Air Garden - cost is $10000

Countryside Paddy Field - cost is $20000

The Rose of Versailles - cost is $20000

Relax Range - cost is $20000

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