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OMG xD This might be old news for some but my sister just told me that MAC and Sanrio are going to launch a makeup collection February 2009.

This website has the best article I’ve come across.

I’m so excited xD I haven’t been this excited since the Smashbox and Tokidoki collaboration in 2007.

*credit card is ready to order online on February 10, 2009* xD


What is Kiva? What is micro-lending? All very good questions.

Kiva is a website that lets you directly lend money to entrepreneurs in the developing world. The key thing is that because the money is lent by “you”, these entrepreneurs would receive a loan with a lower interest rate than from what a commercial bank would charge. They then repay the loan over a period of time. This helps to give them a chance to move away from poverty. You are then able to re-loan the money to a new entrepreneur.

Kiva partners up with lending institutions in certain countries. The criteria for entrepreneurs is very strict. The lending institutions have also been screened by Kiva. You can view statistics and history of each lending institution.

I’ve been a member of Kiva since January 20th, 2008. How it works is very simple. You can loan as little as $25 to an entrepreneur of your choice. At this very moment, there is approximately 400 entrepreneurs. Over $684,650.00 has been lent for this week. If you don’t see any that you like, you are always free to check back another time. There are always new opportunities.

For more information, visit the Kiva website. The link on the right will take you to my personal lender page.

Kiva has also started up a new initiative called “teams”. I’m not currently in a team yet but if there are any that would be interested, we could start one up with a Hello Kitty/Sanrio theme to it perhaps?

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