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Yay! I’m finally done. It took many many many hours to complete but I think it was well worth it, don’t you?

My farm <3

Step 7 - about 4860, the lower level is completed

Step 8 - well it’s not really an official step per se but I couldn’t resist

Step 9 - Completion

Now that my house is finished, I can make an effort to make my garden a bit better looking. Kinda bare, isn’t it? :(

Guess which farm style I chose? I love the Country-Style Farm <3

Good news! Finally after 2 to 3 days of not being able to log into HKO and dealing with online@hellokitty.com - they finally released a patch (dated May 23rd) that fixed my problem.

Now that I’m back in the game x_x it’s non-stop building.

Step 5 @ around 2460/6000

Step 6 @ around 3670/6000

The CB has been extended to June 1st but the events didn’t get extended.

Check out the HKO Blog for more details http://blog.sanriotown.com/onlinegame:hellokitty.com

Edit: The HKO Blog was updated and it specifically mentioned that the events end June 1st.

Since I came home from work, I’ve been trying to log into HKO for the past 3 hours. Each time, I would get this error

I emailed onlinegame@hellokitty.com, asking if the servers were down. And they replied with


Thank you for bringing this problem to our attention. We will work on the
problem based on the details you have provided. We highly value your input and
we are working hard to deliver the best gaming experience for you.

Best regards,
Team HKO

But the server is still down, 2 hours after I received their reply.

I’m going into withdrawal and I so wanted to work on my house ;_;

I should’ve called in sick this morning when I was logged into HKO ;x

Step 4 - looks like we get a new machine at approximately 1270/6000

x_x I can do this ;x I know I can

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