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Catch you!

by piquina:hellokitty.com

Chamomile came to say hi! when I was looking for the Sparktails :D, finally I got 2 cards from them hehe

Chamomile surprised me!

by piquina:hellokitty.com

I was looking for a pet card and suddenly I saw GM-Chamomile in the same map as me XD amazing extreme hiding area!

Hunting the Fierce Komodo Lizard!

by piquina:hellokitty.com

While I was hunting, GM-Chamomile was showing me her previous look! I liked it a lot :D

Trying hard to get Lizard’s Komodo card

by piquina:hellokitty.com

I’ve tried more than 30 times and I didn’t get the card =( maybe later…

Trying to get Komodo’s card!

by piquina:hellokitty.com

This was the first day I met this Komodo, he’s next to the most powerful one, the Fierce Komodo Lizard.

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