Memories from February =P

Posted on Jul, 24, 2011

We had the Cupid’s event it was really funny =)

We were so surprised to see bosses pets everywhere =D

And we earned cute wings! My friend JenniBean earned tigress wings lol

My dami_desu was the first one in getting the rainbow wings in international severs it took 1.30hs for him =)

I really liked that event =P

On the other hand in magical server I got a bug with my wand so that I didn’t have to go back to get a letter to the harbour and the back to Flora… it was so funny hahahaha some players were really mad because I had that benefit and they don’t.. although it was a bug I didn’t create it of course and when I talked to the GMs they told me to enjoy the event ^_^ since that bug was already reported! So I decided to have lots of fun and continue donating for charity =)

These are my Rainbow Wings ^_^

I had lots of fun. I talked to lots of friends included DreamSpirit =) She got for herself Black Wings =P

And here’s my sweet friend GM-Lychee ^_^ with cute Sunset wings! =3

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