HKO Offline Event: Draw Your Dream Pet

Posted on May, 07, 2011

Hello everyone,  I’d love to introduce you my sweet dreams Pet!!!! His name is Koi (恋)it means love, he’s from Japan and is a pet from Tokyo ^^


Koi lives near Mount Fuji, he loves forests, flowers and sunny days. He is wearing a blue bow in his tail to identify that’s a male.

Koi is a cute and strong pet, loves eating a lot and is a pet that likes to be kissed and hugged too =).

Here we are together in our adventures:


Here I visited him when he took a ride to South Wind Grassland to visit his friends pets =)


Here I’m showing him how Happy I am to meet him for the very first time =D


But one day he told me that he had to go and meet up with his boss! And when he told me I was astonished, amazed and really wanting to meet her =)


This is Lady_Koi the pet boss of Koi’s race =D


Finally I met here and we played at her snowy place, Lady_Koi loves snow and colder weather =)


I hope you liked my post! I really enjoyed drawing =D I wish my pets come true when Tokyo opens hehehe =D! YaY!!!!!

Congratulations to all players who participated in this special event, they did a great job and thanks for the Event!!! =)

8 Responses to “HKO Offline Event: Draw Your Dream Pet”

  1. Piquinaaaaaaaaaaaa your pet is awesomeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! And so so so cuteeeeeee. Congratssssssss love itttttttttttttt. Good job!!!!!!

  2. WOW!!!Piquina,you did AMAZING picture I like it very much…..well done ^^

  3. yeah!!I hope I’ll meet them one day and I wish they can be my pets too! lol

  4. Yay Piquina! That is so pretty, adorable and cute!!! I love all the pictures and the story too :D

  5. •❤• MaruuF: thank you so much I love it too hehehe and I really enjoyed drawing a lot =)

    •❤• Kasumi: thank you! I hope to meet them too in Tokyo lol!

    •❤• _Alice_: Thanks!!! It makes feel so happy you felt it that way =D

  6. Awesome, Piqui! :D I love it!!!! The design is wonderful, and the story is so cute! Very well done! ;)

  7. DreamSpirit muchas gracias!!!!!!!!!! hahahhaha =D I love you my friend =D

  8. Hey uh… thanks for the comments you gave me on my blog…. Please lets be friends you are sweet and I hope I can finally download hello kitty online. I think we can even be best pals. Reply after you read this message

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