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KT#1: Jamie Polloso

Jamie Polloso’s* Hello Kitty Items

Jamie Polloso’s Kitty Items

So I thought that I am not a Hello Kitty fan. I used to think I have nothing to do with that cute cat saying “Aloha!” to everyone. But after I have read Bong’s blog and everything about his hypothesis/theory/fact, I just came to laugh at myself.

I was looking at my old grade school stuff (really old that I do not even remember having them at all) and all the while how Bong’s theory would be applicable to me.

After all the digging, they all just came out of old folders and boxes : stationeries from so long ago (I found a lot from my collection), tissue papers, old fans (the ones that need batteries to work), CD case (this one is actually my sister’s), and even old paper napkin labels, placemats and oh?a piece of ripped gift wrapper.

I have no idea why I even kept some of these things. It is really odd because people would normally think of it as rubbish. But still, I have kept them.

Oh dear! So I really loved Hello Kitty. (laughs) )

Jamie Polloso’s Kitty Items

*Jamie Polloso is an incoming Sophomore of BS Computer Science at the University of the Philippines, Diliman

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  1. Raein Says:

    Baligtad yung pagkapost mo? XD

  2. Says:

    what do you mean baliktad? nope.. :)

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