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Upset at biters and stealers!

October 25th, 2008 by

I am very upset! And very tired of biters and stealers on the internet!

 Ok, so I was browsing the hello kitty forums and came upon this post of this girl, “Foxy Cleopatra” promoting her blog and one of her entries where she took a trip to Honolulu with her friends.

So I was like.. Oh I gotta go look at that.. Because I am from Hawaii and wanted to see what she did on her trip. So at first I was like, “aww look at all the cute photos..”

But then I looked closer and found out some of the photos in her blog, were STOLEN.

 I remember my online friend, Janine (who also lives in Honolulu) posting photos of her hello kitty and rilakuma collection (e.g the hello kitty in the sand, rilakuma overlooking the beach from the hotel room) and I as I looked through this foxy cleopatra’s post,  I saw she used all of Janine’s photos in her post, as well as Janine’s photos of the food, the cake, the dessert, even the ring she bought…  It’s all in Janine’s flick site here:

 Then I went to the Travel The World Event Blog here:

And found out this biter, Foxy Cleopatra was actually one of the winners for Round 1! She actually won a prize too >_< To think that all she did was take some photos from other people’s websites to make up a fake entry for a contest is really low.. and she actually won.. argghghhhhh .. 

 This makes me really upset…

I know from experience how it feels when people steal your photos, as well as your artwork, and even your writing.. I have experienced it all.

So I deeply sympathize with Janine, and have emailed about this.

I hope there is some sort of justice served. This is so not right.

If Foxy or whoever knows her reads this gets upset, just know you are ALL IN THE WRONG. And the only one who has the right to get upset, is Janine.

Club Pinksugarichigo & Hello Kitty Online!

October 22nd, 2008 by

x-posted from my livejournal


So I decided last night that I was going to practice on updating my club flyer design skills or something like it. After hours of tweaking last night, and today (in between playing HELLO KITTY ONLINE) and playing around with different effects, I came up with this. I really love it, it’s sooo WELL, ME. haha, i love the reflecting diamond stuff, the hot pink lipstick , the hot pink strawberries, the yellow, purple.. eeeee … i want to do more club flyer versions because its so fun to make!!

I decided to throw some of my livejournal friends names in there for fun! Well, actually because I had a lot of space left and just wanted to fill up the flyer. I think all those names spiced it up a bit, huh?

xoxo =^_^=

hello kitty online!

Here’s more screenshots of Hello Kitty Online! I’m in this guild Sailoria.. it’s pretty fun, I mostly play by myself but chat with other guild members. Everybody on there seems very nice. Also, my HAPPY TIME friend, HappyJuice (aka Eat Juice , Lani) plays too. Last night I visited her in London and went to her farm! London is so gorgeous and cute. I’m still stuck doing quests in Florapolis which is also cute as well, but not as cute as London! hehe.. .. I want to start doing my quests in London already and get my own farm. Oh well.. hehe , the time will come! Anyway, I wish that there was more customizations for your character on HKO.. my outfit so does not match! LOL! But I tried to buy clothes that had better protection .. I like my blue hair though, which Lani was generous enough to give me. and omg, I have to go back and forth from my imac to ian’s pc desktop because you can only play Hello Kitty Online on your pc.. sucks! I have to actually email my screenshots to myself so I can edit them here on my imac.

My character info… See what I mean about the mismatched clothes? LOL.. anyway, I look different now .. I took this screenshot a little early.. I have these trickster glasses, and then I have a skirt instead.

See how London is soo soo cute??? I mean, I wish there was an actual place like this!

Me and Lani cheesin’ it in London! yeah! Happy Time together, in our ideal world! Look at London! All the pretty strawberry - cake like houses and shops! So bright, colorful & happy!

Lani’s farm.. it’s so cool that you get to have your own farm.. hehe next to her are strawberries that Lani picked for me so she can give me some strawberry cake!

And here are some screenshots in Florapolis…

While doing some quests in Florapolis (not in London), I came upon other Sailoria guildees (MimiKitty & I forgot who the other one was) resting in East of Flora after being attacked by mini totoro look-alikes (Actually they were rats).

Here is me and MimiKitty getting rat tails for a quest! See, don’t they look like mini totoros?

I still have 5 quests or more to go in Florapolis (I’m level 13 right now), according to this list here: clicky, which I find really helpful! Then I can finally start doing quests in London!

Hello Kitty Online

October 20th, 2008 by

So I’m still in Flora right now.. but I hope to level up and go to London soon (I’m so impatient!) My friend happyjuice (aka Eat Juice , Lani) is alreadythere and she’s already farming and stuff.. I’m so happy to finally be playing.. I was glad that I was chosen to be a founder.. although when it first came out I didn’t download the game right away.. Well, I did, but then I found out it couldn’t be played on my Imac, which I primarily use for everything!! I didn’t want to install bootcamp because of some problems I had with it before. Ahhhh, so my boyfriend let me use his desktop pc to play. He actually had to move where he used his laptop (he used it where the desktop was) so that I could move back and forth between my imac and the desktop pc to play! LOL!!! anyway, I don’t have any close friends here except for happyjuice, although I did get to meet some really nice people in the guild Sailoria which I was invited to by Namii (she also helped me with some of my quests which was really nice). There was another person that helped me too, but I can’t think of her name at the moment. Everyone I met so far, has been really helpful and nice!

this is the screenshot with happyjuice.. the only time we actually played together.. i think before we gathered sorosis? we’re supposed to say “Happy Time!” (our name for ourselves) in real life.. but I missed taking the screenshot on time.. LOL

Anyway, I think this is the one game I will be addicted to for quite awhile.. I’m not much of a gamer, but it’s Hello Kitty guys!!!! I couldn’t resist….

Better screenshots next time .. hehe

It’s October already?

October 17th, 2008 by

I haven’t updated for quite awhile.. This new charmmy halloween layout is pretty cute!! I love Charmmy!! n_n she’s so pretty and precious!

A lot of things have happened, but I won’t bore you with the details but will share photos instead. But me and my friend, Eat Juice (lani) had two photoshoot parties and here’s some of the pics! I finally have a friend here in Hawaii who I can do fun photoshoots with and who also has a love of japanese fashion especially haady gyaru fashion & spank! girls… Anyway, the photos below are from two different photoshoots.. The one where we are wearing our petticoats (below) was planned out .. We bought a lot of our cute toys from Savers .. My favorite is Lani’s castle that she got, yay for thrift stores and cute toys that kids don’t want.. another kids trash is another (grown) woman’s treasure…. OMG.. I have to go there again to see if there’s more toys.. Anyway, there’s more pics on my myspace:

Oh and I also decorated my phone and ipod! I was inspired by all the decoden I seen on the net! I want to be like all the cute gyaru ! n__n See my cute hello kitty stickers that I got??

Oh and I also made these tops! I found an old Minnie Mouse blanket @ Savers and decided to decorate my old tank tops.. it’s so hime ish and fun!!! I love it! Plus it’s so Spank! inspired too!

Anyway, that’s all right now! I’ll write more later… Oh and I started playing hello kitty founders online beta.. it’s pretty fun!! I hope to finish more of my quests and level up. Oh and I plan to blog here more often because after all, a cute blog must be written in more often! I want to make more friends on here too! hehehe

Intro Post

February 25th, 2008 by

So since this is my first post, I guess I can start off with writing a little about me.

I’m Janis, and I love sanrio so much that I actually work at a sanrio store. My favorite characters are Charmmy Kitty, Hello Kitty, My Melody & Kuromi. Not in that particular order, well actually - I’m starting to like Charmmy Kitty more than the others.

Aside from loving sanrio, I also love graphic design & spending time with my rockstar boyfriend. ;)

I have two websites that I go on frequently , and they are:

Hopefully this will be a frequent site of mine too.

Anyway, I love picture filled entries, especially if they’re cute and fun! So hopefully I’ll be able to post a lot like that too!

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